A Note from Declan, 27 February


So it’s been two weeks since I left my home in Melbourne for the muscular, spray-tanned bosom of Potts Point. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little homesick, but then our first staff meeting at Griffin featured cheesecake baked by Whitney, biscuits baked by Ell, and Peter made a goddamn apple flan with a lattice crust. So truth be told, I’ll probably be fine.

(But seriously, Potts Point—where are all of you going in your activewear at 11.30pm?).

Aside from eating like a pig, the best part of my first two weeks at Griffin has been pretending I’m already a very successful Artistic Director. Debra Oswald’s Is There Something Wrong With That Lady? has totally sold out, so we’ve added performances. David Williamson’s Family Values has also totally sold out, but we can’t add any more performances. So if you missed out, this is where you and your partner drive out to Parramatta, get dinner, then bask in a family get-together that’s somehow even more toxic than yours.

Also, Batch Festival has launched! If you’re a Griffin regular, but you haven’t made it to Batch yet, then treat yourself to a Batch Two-Pack and make a night of it. It’s a sneak preview into the future of the Australian mainstage, with established writers like the magnificent Donna Abela (Jump for Jordan) working alongside break-out stars like Tasnim Hossain, Lou Wall, and Margot Morales Tanjutco. Every show in the program has its own streak of brilliance, but I’m going to point you in the direction of a few with tiny audience capacities because they’ll sell out in a heartbeat:

Unkiss Me, which is playing for an audience of two strangers.

Sleepover Gurlz, which is playing in a real teenager’s bedroom!

Kush, which is playing in our Executive Director Karen’s beloved pink Toyota…

It’s Mardi Gras this weekend—so have fun and stay safe (but not too safe) my stunning queer siblings.

Much love,

Declan Greene
Artistic Director

Recently seen: Angus Cameron’s Australian Open at KXT—a sly, queer family drama, given a buoyantly horny production by Riley Spadaro. Really fun, with hilarious and cracking dialogue.