A Note from Karen, 13 February


You know that feeling that you get… the night before you start school, or a new job, or embark on a big adventure? Well it’s like that in the Griffin office at the moment. We are holding our collective breathes with much anticipation and excitement as Declan Greene commences as the new Artistic Director next week. And we can’t wait! We are shining our shoes, covering our books, doing some spring cleaning*. We’re sure you will be as pleased as we are to welcome Declan to Griffin. I look forward to you meeting him and joining us on the next stage of the Griffin adventure!

I got even more excited when I saw Wake in Fright at Sydney Opera House, a work that Declan adapted and co-created with the amazing Zahra Newman. The ★★★★½ review from the Sydney Morning Herald speaks for itself. If you want a taste of things to come at Griffin, get down to the Opera House to see this play. But do it quickly as it closes on 15 February.

Speaking of getting in quickly, if you want to see Family Values you need to book immediately as we have less than a handful of tickets left to sell. And if you can’t make it to the Stables, it is also playing at Riverside Theatres in Parramatta 18 – 21 March. So get online and book your tickets before they fly out the door too. And while I am on flying out the door…If you plan to see Deb Oswald’s new show Is There Something Wrong With That Lady?, there are only six shows and tickets are proving to be hot property as well!

We kicked off our celebrations of 50 Years of the Stables last weekend. Yes, in the midst of that torrential downpour we presented the first of our play reading events with A Hard God by Peter Kenna. For those hardy enough to brave the weather, we enjoyed a beautifully touching rendition of the play, directed by Michael Gow and performed by Simon BurkeJeanette CroninJack CrumlinNoel HoddaSacha HorlerTravis Jeffery and Steve Rodgers.  This play was originally staged at the Stables when it was still Nimrod in 1974, and after hearing it read I understand why it ranks as an Australian classic. Keep an eye out for the rest of our play readings—like a great audiobook there is something very special in the experience of hearing talented actors bring characters to life, simply lifting them off the page.

*the spring clean involves a Griffin Garage Sale! Yes, the production team are well and truly prepping for the arrival of Declan with a fun flash sale of our costumes and props. Head to our storage space at 91 Canal Road in Lilyfield on Saturday 22 February 9am – 3pm for what is sure to be a treasure filled Griff-hunt.

Hope to see you there or at the Stables soon!