Inside a never-ending slumber party, two women quit the world to find their own candy-coloured utopia.


Critiquing the toxic mantras of corporate feminism and playing with immersive theatre, Sleepover Gurlz is a site-specific performance in a bedroom that you’ll never want to leave. Comedy, theatre, music and Lynchian dreaming combine in an endless sleepover full of fun, girlhood exploration and extreme avoidance.

Sleepover Gurlz is about what could happen when two adult women are so exhausted with the world that they retire to the last place they remember having true agency—the sleepover. They eat snacks, kiss posters and begin to question whether this nostalgic utopia is really free from the grinding oppressions they sought to escape.

Meeting Point: Griffin foyer, where you’ll then be taken to the secret sleepover location, a five-minute stroll down the hill.

Batch Two-Pack
Two shows on the same night for $50 (saving up to 30%)
Thursday 30 April
Friday 1 May
Saturday 2 May

Cast & Creatives

Created and performed by Emma Smith and Vidya Rajan
Director Anna Thompson
Sound Designer and Live Score Xanthea O’Connor


“Masters of sketch…frenetic and often silly, but it’s also driven by intellectual rigour.” ★★★★ Time Out Sydney

“Rattles with so much laughter and elegance.” ★★★★★ OutInPerth

“Funny on the surface but much more complicated underneath. This is a show about oppression and anxiety and women finding a way to function in a world that is not designed for them…And it’s incredible.” Keith Gow, Freelance Critic

Sleepover Gurlz is a hilarious triumph, blending the soft warmth of nostalgia with a deft hard punch of interrogative wit. It whips between the familiar and the strange, gross and intelligent.” Elyce Phillips, Squirrel Comedy

 “…leaves the audience both entertained, reflective, and successfully unsettled. This is an ingeniously creative and bold piece…There are great things to come from the talents of this ensemble.” Corey M. Glamuzina, The Plus Ones