A game for two about beginnings and endings.


An intimate, participatory art-game for two that invites players to consider how a relationship is built on shared memories, and what happens when one comes to an end.

Playfully melding headphone-theatre with simple wooden blocks, Unkiss Me reimagines the party-game ‘Jenga’ as the site for an intimate encounter between two strangers asked to pick through the wreckage of a fictional love affair.

In 45 minutes, an entire relationship plays out, from first kiss to last goodbye, as participants take turns selecting blocks, scanning codes, and listening to audio tracks to discover what went wrong and right. 

There might be moments of bliss or heartache, mysteries or secrets, regrets or grievances—and no two games will ever be the same.

Please note: Unkiss Me is best experienced with a total stranger—if you’re attending the festival with a friend, a lover or an ex-lover, we encourage you to book into separate sessions to get the most out of the game.

Cast & Creatives

Created by Caleb Lewis
Performed by You!


“A really talented Australian playwright, really playing with performance form.” ABC RN

“I am convinced Lewis marks the appearance of a significant new talent.” The Sun Herald