“I had imagined we’d get together and reminisce about the good times, completely forgetting that there weren’t any.”


A celebrated federal judge.
His son, a born-again Christian.
His daughter, a Border Force officer.
Her partner, the captain of a Border Force ship.
His other daughter, a left-wing activist.
His wife, who has worked all her life to keep the family together.
Saba, an asylum seeker on the run from Nauru.
On the eve of his birthday, is it too much to expect his wife and three children celebrate with him?

For 50 years, David Williamson has shown us the best and worst of ourselves. A blackly comic drama situated squarely on the fault lines that divide Australia, Family Values is David at his angry best: furious that his generation has retired from defending the socially compassionate values on which they claim to have built this country. The play asks us to choose freedom over reputation, empathy over franking credits; to abandon a deeply flawed system for the sake of humanity.

David’s belief that comedy can reveal our harshest truths is undimmed, and his hope that theatre can change hearts and minds remains an inspiration to the whole industry.

As the Stables turns 50, it is only fitting that our most successful playwright returns to where he began.

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Griffin’s season of Family Values is sold out (except for Monday Rush tickets), you can book to see it at Riverside Theatres Parramatta, 18 March – 21 March, via their website.

Cast & Creatives

Director Lee Lewis
Dramaturg Van Badham
Set & Costume Designer Sophie Fletcher
Lighting Designer Benjamin Brockman
Composer & Sound Designer Steve Francis
Stage Manager Khym Scott

With Belinda Giblin, Danielle King, Andrew McFarlane, Jamie Oxenbould, Ella Prince, Bishanyia Vincent, Sabryna Walters

Performance Times

Griffin’s season of Family Values is sold out, you can book to see it at Riverside Theatres Parramatta, 18 March – 21 March, via their website.

Preview 17 – 21 January
Opening Nights
22 & 23 January
24 January – 7 March

Performance Times
Monday – Friday 7pm
Saturday 2pm & 7pm
Wednesday 26 February & Wednesday 4 March 1pm & 7pm

Please note: There will be no performance on Monday 27 January.

Meet the Artists
Tuesday 4 February

Captioned Performance
Tuesday 3 March

Run Time
90 minutes no interval

Please note, there is a complete lock-out on all performances and latecomers won’t be admitted, so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to get to us, grab a drink, and get settled.



5 Play 4 Play 3 Play
Full $255 Full $216 Full $168
Senior, Preview $205 Senior, Preview $172 Senior, Preview $138
Concession $190 Concession $160 Concession $126
Under 35 $170 Under 35 $140 Under 35 $108
5 Play 
Full $255
Senior, Preview $205
Concession $205
Under 35 $170
4 Play 
Full $216
Senior, Preview $172
Concession $160
Under 35 $140
3 Play
Full $168
Senior, Preview $138
Concession $126
Under 35 $108

Single Tickets

Full $72
Senior $62
Preview, Groups 8+ $52
Concession $46
Under 35 $38

Transaction fees of $4 for online bookings and $6 for phone bookings apply.

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Lee Lewis on Family Values

Teaser Trailer

Meet the Team

Meet the Playwright

Meet the Cast

Belinda Giblin and Andrew McFarlane’s Lifelong Friendship

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“A powerful, funny and poignant call to action” ★★★★ Harriet Cunningham, Sydney Morning Herald

“This funny, moving and relevant play takes its place in the canon of great Australian plays” ★★★★1/2 Judith Greenaway, Reviews by Judith

“Family Values’ hits the stage like a theatrical tsunami” ★★★★ Jo Litson, Limelight Magazine

“Fiery, funny, politically cunning and dramatically assured” ★★★★ Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

“Williamson’s passion for compassion is the strength of this play” ★★★★ Kate Stratford, Theatre Now

“Family Values’ is as angry a play I’ve seen from Williamson in 20-odd years” – Jason Blake, Audrey Journal”

“The dynamics play out in a brilliantly entertaining way under Lee Lewis’s direction” Ben Neutze, Time Out

“The small, stellar cast of Australian acting stalwarts does a wonderful job… No theatre could be more perfect for a drama of such intimate proportions than the close circle of Griffin Theatre Company’s home, the Stables.” Alicia Tripp, The Plus Ones 

“Family Values is a grumpy old man writing at his cheerfully angry best.” Richard Cotter, The Australian Stage

“Family Values is uncomfortable, confronting work, rendered with care, intelligence and a carefully tempered earnest exuberance by an outstanding cast.” Ian Maxwell, The Conversation

“Lee Lewis and an exceptional cast… achieve a near perfect drive of natural comedy and intensity of performance.” Martin Potus, Stage Whipsers

Praise for David Williamson

Here’s how some critics have summarised Williamson’s contribution to Australian playwriting:

“Australia’s most enduringly popular social comedy writer…keenly observant and satirical.” Sydney Morning Herald

“Williamson always keeps us engaged…his words weave a spellbinding course…testament to the power of Williamson’s language.” Daily Telegraph

“Our greatest dramatic entertainer.” Chris Boyd, Financial Review

“His genius has been to define for us, in advance of our own recognition, the qualities which make up the Australian character.” Katharine Brisbane, The Australian

“Audiences love him, partly because he comes at elitist worlds with a sharp eye and a bias toward the everyman.” Fiona McFarlane