5 Questions with Julia Patey


Batch Festival 2020 kicks off in April, so in the lead up to the Festival, we’re posting a series of 5 Questions to give Grif-fans the chance to get to know our fabulous fresh crop of Batch artists performing on the Stables stage (and beyond) this year. Next up, we asked writer and director Julia Patey about her Batch show, The Knife.

Have a read, then book your tickets to what will be the perfect way to kick things off on Batch’s opening weekend!

  1. Introduce yourself with a fun fact that someone might not know about you!
    Hi, I’m Jules, the writer and director of The Knife, and I’m a horoscope psychic. I can guess anyone’s horoscope as long as its within half an hour of meeting them. My success rate is anywhere between 5 and 95 percent.
  1. Paint us a picture of your project in 5 words.
    GIRL MEETS BOY MEETS PAYBACK, BITCH. (6 words, but you get the picture!)
  1. What was the inspiration behind the creation of your project?
    Police Stations. Birthday disasters. Great outfits. Ex-boyfriends. Crime Procedurals. Peeing in the QVB lift. New Year’s Resolutions. Recurring dreams. Gillian Anderson. Telling stories at the pub. Bad things happening to good people. Bad things happening to bad people. Hot baristas. Blood. Eyeliner. Sauvignon Blanc. Payback. Laughter. Revenge. Murder.
  1. What’s been a challenge that you’ve faced in the creation of your project?
    Ermmmm… blood. When we first did this show at Bondi Feast, we used chocolate sauce to create the blood that Erin’s covered in. One show, we went overboard with the blood, and during the show, Erin’s hands accidentally cemented together, and so for about 20 minutes she was trying to say her lines, keep on track and rip them apart without anyone noticing. So I think we’ll be getting Professional Blood this time. You know, from a shop, or a Human Man.
  1. What are you most looking forward to about bringing your project to Batch Festival 2020 at Griffin?
    Well, we’re obviously stoked to be on the Griffin stage. It’s the home of new writing! Some of our favourite shows have been at Griffin. And we’ve made a work we’re really proud of which STILL makes us laugh while also making us cringe and wee ourselves a little bit. Which is how we felt at last year’s Batch Festival. So we’re looking forward to bringing an old-fashioned revenge story to Batch 2020: with laughter, blood and a little bit of wee.