A hilarious micro-drama for three in the backseat of a Toyota.


Maccas carpark.
A beat up Toyota.
Phone dings.
“I need a 50 bag. Help a girl out?”

Climb into the backseat and join Kuda and Shay as they munch on chicken nuggets, chat shit and bop to Chance the Rapper while they wait for the enigmatic Bill to arrive. Uni is tough, jobs are rough and after a recent run in with the law, this teenage pair attempt to navigate their fractured life-long friendship. But can trust be regained and wounds healed as Kuda and Shay’s sisterhood is put to the ultimate test?

From the pen of Kirsty Marillier, Kush is an intimate performance work and a small story about big dreams.

Image: Olena Sergienko

Cast & Creatives

Director Jennifer Rani
With Nancy Denis, Chemon Theys