Meet the bloke next door, played by a Muslim woman.


“My best mate, Darren, he’s played AFL his whole life. I wanted to play but Mum wasn’t having it. ‘No footy boys in my house’, she said. Well, I forged her signature on the permission slip and that was the beginning of something amazing.”

Come meet the bloke next door. He works hard all day, goes home to his girlfriend at night and plays footy all weekend. He’s up for a promotion, he’s eyeing engagement rings, and he’s played by a Muslim woman.

Casey Elder and Tasnim Hossain (Letters to John, Zak and Reefa’s Bollywood Funeral) have created an unflinching production. From guernsey to hijab, sidelines to centre square, we’re talking power in Australia, ‘good’ men, and just how far is too far. 

Image: Leanne Kelly

Batch Two-Pack
Two shows on the same night for $50 (saving up to 30%)
Saturday 18 April

Cast & Creatives

Created and performed by Tasnim Hossain
Director and Dramaturg Casey Elder