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A Note from Declan, 18 April


Dear Grif-friend, 

As I write this, the countdown to the final performance at the SBW Stables Theatre is well and truly on and the vibes in the Griffin office are… strangely peaceful? I can’t tell if it’s the calm before the (celebratory) storm of the final weekend, the usual stoic trudge toward the end of a production’s season, or both or neither. Maybe all the Griffin staff are repressing their emotional attachment to our beloved home… or maybe we’ve processed everything already!

There are just four more performance dates for our season of The Lewis Trilogy, but eight more plays if you tally all the performances up. And every single one of them is sold out! Thank you for your overwhelming response to our final epic production of three of Louis Nowra’s finest Australian plays—it has truly been so special to welcome audiences into the Stables for the final time before our redevelopment. I’ve been getting a kick out of reading everyone’s scrawled notes on a couple of the orange walls of the theatre foyer, too. All the memories remind me that the impact of this place—its history—is so much bigger, so much more complex and sprawling, than me, or any one person, could ever conceive. 

But enough genuine reflective sentiment! Yuck! You definitely won’t find me sobbing into the orange cushions in the nook after Sunday night’s final bows, so don’t bother looking! Chapters end—new ones begin. And the future of Griffin is looking f**king exciting. 

There’s our redevelopment, of course, but the rest of our compact little 2024 Season is shaping up to be a real treat. One of the most beautiful plays I’ve read in recent memory is coming up in July at Carriageworks: swim by the lauded poet (and now playwright) Ellen van Neerven. Associate Artistic Director Andrea James has been working hard with Ellen and the creative team to develop the work up on Yugambeh Country over the past couple of years and from the sound of things, the show is going to be a magical, monumental ode to water, home and queer love.

I’ve also had the utterly ridiculous joy of being in a creative development ahead of our season of Flat Earthers: The Musical by Jean Tong, Lou Wall & James Gales, which premieres as a co-production with our friends down the road at Hayes Theatre Co. A Griffin musical is a rare and precious thing, but I can guarantee that this production will have all the fun-yet-deeplyweird risk-taking that Griffin loves to showcase on our stages.

I might catch you on the weekend—and if not, see you somewhere that is NOT the SBW Stables Theatre (😭) soon. 

Much love,

Declan Greene
Artistic Director & co-CEO


A Note from Dylan, 16 May


G’day folks, Dylan here—Griffin’s Literary Manager and resident ceramics enthusiast. Along with Literary Associate Julian Larnach, we’re the first port of call for playwrights—ensuring smooth sailing for plays during the development process and guiding them gently into dock. Right now, the…

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A Note from Sami, 2 May


Howdy, My name is Sami and I am Griffin’s new Ticketing Manager. That means if you give Griffin’s Box Office a call or send an email it will likely be me you are chatting with! We are in the heart…

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Making a Mark: Andrea James


Andrea James is Griffin’s Associate Artistic Director. In 2024, Andrea is directing Ellen van Neerven’s play swim, premiering at Carriageworks in July. This note was originally printed in the printed program for The Lewis Trilogy by Louis Nowra as a reflection…

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A Note From Julian, 4 April


Hi Grif-friend, My name’s Jules and I’m the Literary Associate at Griffin Theatre Company. Last time we spoke I was telling you about how my job largely entails hanging out with writers. I’m a little biased but I think playwrights…

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A Note from Leila, 21 March


Dear Grif-friend, I hope you are having splendid weeks, revelling in the sunshine, reading a great book and delving deep into the Kate Middlegate saga. As I am sure you know, some of the best stories come in threes: The…

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A Note from Declan, 7 March


Dear Grif-friend,   Because our home, the SBW Stables Theatre, is so small, we normally hold two opening nights. This is the only way we can squeeze in all the people who need to be there: donors, reviewers, glamorous red carpet…

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The Lewis Trilogy FAQs


All your questions about The Lewis Trilogy answered! Do I have to see all three plays? The Lewis Trilogy has been written and directed as just that—a trilogy. Griffin strongly encourages you to binge this Australian extravaganza in the same…

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A Note from Ang, 22 February


Dear Grif-friend, Ang here—I’m the Content Producer at Griffin, which means I produce lots of content, including shooting and editing videos to pop on our social media channels, copywriting for everything from our season brochure to our website and putting…

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A Note from Julieanne, 8 February


Dear Grif-friend, Occasionally I feel like breaking up with theatre. Its demanding nature, all those thankless tasks that don’t get noticed, the expensive tastes when it knows there’s never enough money, the late nights, the drinking. Sometimes I think I’ve…

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