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A Note from Ang & Grace, 3 February


Dear Grif-friend,

We’re Ang and Grace—Griffin’s Sustainability Coordinators! Alongside working in our own separate capacities at the company, we head Green Griffin, which is our sustainability program dedicated to pioneering more environmentally friendly policies and practices in our theatre. It’s a new year at Griffin, which for us means striving ever closer to our dream of becoming carbon neutral. If you’d like to know how you (yes, you!) can help with our goal… read on!

Ang is Griffin’s Marketing Coordinator, which involves dreaming up content ideas to complement the shows in our 2022 Season, shooting video, writing delicious marketing copy (a lot of which you can find in this very newsletter!), social media, interviews, graphic design and more! It’s Ang’s four year anniversary working for Griffin and she describes it as being like a pig in mud—being a playwright herself.

Grace is Griffin’s incredible Bar Manager and is also casually completing her PhD in the meantime. If you’ve been to the SBW Stables’ Penny Cook Bar in the past five years, Grace absolutely would have served you a drink. Frequent patrons might see academic papers tucked underneath wine bottles that she is waiting to read after intermission!

Both of us work part-time at Griffin, which means we’re able to juggle several projects and passions—one of which is sustainability and its role in Australia’s theatre industry. Together, we founded Green Griffin in 2019 and drafted a Sustainability Action Plan which contains some of our priorities for the theatre. Since then, we’ve achieved all sorts of incredible goals—including transitioning from a paper ticketing system to a digital one, upgrading our theatre lighting to LEDs, creating recycling programs for our sets, props and costumes, recycling and composting in the office, and inducting and advocating for sustainability with all incoming staff members.

Being active on the sustainability front is important to us and the whole Griffin family. Making sustainable choices flows through to the art we make, the values we live by, and offers a potential path forward not just for our own theatre, but for other companies too.

Our key aim in 2022 is for Griffin to become a carbon neutral organisation—and the first step is to offset our carbon emissions while we work internally on reducing our environmental impact as we move forward.

Which is where you come in—we need your help! We’re looking for fellow green theatre lovers to donate toward our carbon neutrality mission. No amount is too small, and it (literally) means the world to us. Reaching our target of $3000 will offset Griffin’s carbon emissions for a whole year! If you’d like to be an integral part of the Green Griffin mission, email Associate Producer, Development Frankie Greene with your interest and an idea of how much you’d like to donate!

Thanks so much for taking the time to learn a little more about Green Griffin—and the next time you’re at the theatre, strike up a chat about sustainability, or keep an eye out on our social media channels for more Green Griffin updates!

With love and sustainability,
Ang & Grace

Ang Collins
Marketing Coordinator

Grace Nye-Butler
Bar Manager

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