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A Note from Phil, 9 May


A young Lebanese man squeezing into a glittery frock for the first time.

A painting so white that our storyteller cannot tell where the snow ends and the sky begins.

A chorus of men belting out ’80s pop songs.

A ‘political party party’ so awkward that not even Bob Marley can save the dance floor.

A board game so important your grandchildren will know about it.

An actor called Ella Prince playing an actor called Meg Ryan (and things will never be the same again).

A tale so bewitching it leaves a King breathless.

An open letter so urgent and eloquent it has audiences standing night after night.

These are just a handful of moments that our second ever Batch Festival has served up so far. It’s been a wonderful fortnight in Kings Cross, but fear not, we still have the final weekend of ground-breaking new writing to come. So get in quick and snap up the last of the tickets for Sauvage (WILD), Never Let Me Go, Grumble ‘n’ Friends, Never Trust a Creative City and Griffin UP LATE before the festival wraps up and bumps out.

And bump out we must because Lee Lewis, Sheridan Harbridge and the creative team arrive with our next Main Season show—the 2018 Griffin Award winner Prima Facie by Suzie Miller. This play is more than a piece of theatre, it’s a call to arms, so crack open the diary and book up before you miss out.


Phil Spencer
Artistic Associate, Griffin Theatre Company
Co-Curator, Batch Festival

In Conversation: wani Le Frère


wāni Le Frère is the Creator and Performer of Tales of an Afronaut, playing at Griffin Theatre Company from 1-4 May as part of Batch Festival 2019. Leading up to the show, wāni shared some thoughts behind his journey with the…

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A Note from Phil, 26 April


When a festival comes together properly, it is far more than a series of shows in a brochure. Three weeks of new writing in particular can foster an irresistible alchemy between audience and artist. You’ll collect your tickets to a…

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Give Back at Batch


For the duration of Batch Festival 2019, Griffin will be accepting food and toiletry donations for the Asylum Seekers Centre in Newtown. Simply bring any of the items listed below (unopened and in date) to the Stables foyer when you come see a show! Any…

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In Conversation: Adriano Cappelletta

Adriano Cappelletta is the writer, and one of the performers, of Never Let Me Go, playing for four nights as part of Batch Festival 2019. For this In Conversation piece, Adriano details the rich history of AIDS in Australia, which serves as the…

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In Conversation: David Finnigan


David Finnigan, Griffin Award-winning playwright of Kill Climate Deniers, returns to Griffin with his new show You’re Safe till 2024, playing at Batch Festival 2019’s opening weekend. David explored the inspiration behind the show as part of Griffin’s In Conversation series. Have a read…

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A Note from Lee, 11 April


After The Bleeding Tree’s Green Room Award win(s), I want to send a huge bucket of love to Dan at Arts Centre Melbourne, Joel at Geelong Performing Arts Centre and Gill at Canberra Theatre Centre—without them the show would never…

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5 Questions with Emma McManus


Never Trust a Creative City rounds out Batch Festival with some over the top, surreal discourse about gentrification in Australian cities. One half of performance outfit Too Rude, Emma McManus, gave Griffin the lowdown on what you can expect from the…

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5 Questions with Betty Grumble

You know her, you love her—Grif-fave Betty Grumble is back and Betty than ever! Grumble ‘n’ Friends is a brand new variety show featuring your favourite sex clown and a gaggle of talented friends. The perfect Batch Festival treat! 1. Introduce yourself…

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5 Questions with Aanisa Vylet

Sauvage (WILD) is a meditation on womanhood, freedom, storytelling and myth making. It’s the brainchild of Aanisa Vylet, whose face you may know from our colourful Batch Festival image. Griffin can’t wait to host Aanisa and her beautiful, brand new show…

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