A Note from Declan, 18 September


Dear Grif-friend, It’s incredible to think that Superheroes by Mark Rogers begins previews in just over a week at the Seymour Centre. I’m working as dramaturg on the play, and though Mark’s script hasn’t had any changes in over a week, I’m still…

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A Note from Declan, 27 August


How long has it been since David Williamson’s Family Values was playing at the Stables? Six months? Six weeks? Two minutes? Like everyone else in Australia, we at the Griffin office have been stuck in COVID-time—which feels either excruciatingly slow…

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A Note from Declan, 23 July


Dear Grif-friends,  Two weeks ago, I was hiking through the snow with my partner Troy. He lives in Melbourne, so in my one week off work I thought it would be fun to plan a little holiday together. We rode our bikes…

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A Note from Declan, 14 May


Dear Grif-friends, Tonight would have been the opening night of Matthew Whittet’s beautiful play Kindness. When we made the heavy decision to close the Stables back in March, we’d held out hope that this was the last show for the year…

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5 Questions with Tessa Leong

We’re excited to announce the appointment of Tessa Leong as Griffin’s new Associate Artistic Director, a new (and much needed) role that has only been made possible by generous support of the Griffin Women’s Initiative! Before Tessa starts with the…

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Participate in the #WorldsAStageChallenge!


This year, theatre lovers across the globe are feeling distant from one another without the unifying joy that audiences provide.  That’s why Griffin has created the #WorldsAStageChallenge—the DIY, online celebration of theatre that sets you the challenge of making the…

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A Note from Declan, 16 April


Dear Grif-friends, This edition of our e-newsletter is a doozy. There are some really exciting things happening at Griffin (check out the columns below my note!), but at the same time, these past couple of weeks have also been a…

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Make Some Noise for the Arts: Email your MP!

Griffin’s theatre is closed, our office is shut, and—most alarmingly—under the cloud of COVID-19 panic, the Arts and Entertainment industry in this country is being quietly dismantled by our government. If you’re reading this, you care about the arts. Please,…

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