A Note from Declan, 10 August


Dear Grif-friend, Things are heating up at Griffin this August, and I’m not just talking about the hot weather my Irish heart (and Melburnian soul) is desperately trying to ignore. For theatre companies, it’s that time of year where we…

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A Note from JoJo, 27 July


Dear Grif-friend, It’s a pleasure to meet you! My name is JoJo, first-time caller, long-time listener here at Griffin—that is, I’m a new addition to the office but a pretty regular attendee at the theatre. I’m here on placement with…

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A Note from Jake, 13 July


Dear Grif-friend, I feel very honoured to be writing today’s newsletter after experiencing our opening night of Suzie Miller’s Jailbaby last night. If you haven’t already been a part of our first five audiences, we can’t wait for each and…

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A Note from Declan, 29 June


Dear Grif-friend,  I know what you’re thinking. It’s the end of financial year, and you’d rather eat RatSak or watch an episode of The Idol than read another email asking you for money.  But this EOFY email is different! Because…

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A Note from Dylan, 15 June


Dear Grif-friend, Well, hello there! My name’s Dylan, and I’ve just jumped on the Griff-train as our brand-new Literary Manager! What’s that, you might ask? Well, I look after all things literary—developing new plays (lots of chats and whiteboard-time with…

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A Note from Ell, 1 June


Dear Grif-friend, Call me controversial but I am delighted that today is the first day of winter. I love the crisp air, the emergence of checkered coats and the smell of a home-cooked pumpkin soup bubbling on the stovetop. The…

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A Note from Ang, 18 May


Dear Grif-friend, Ang from the Marketing team here! I hope you’re well and have successfully transitioned your summer wardrobe to your autumn/winter one, making your everyday existence stylish and cosy in equal measure. Next week, I’m headed off for a…

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A Note from Julieanne, 4 May

Dear Grif-friend, There’s nothing quite like being in the Big Apple, is there? Last week, I joined a small group of intrepid Griffin Board members and donors on a theatre pilgrimage to Broadway for the opening of Suzie Miller’s Prima…

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A Note from Khym, 21 April


Dear Grif-friend, Exactly four years ago this week I first heard the exceptional words of Suzie Miller’s Prima Facie read for the first time by Sheridan Harbridge while sitting at Lee Lewis’s dining table. Jump forward to the present day…

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