A Note from Lee, 22 November


You have to see Susie Youssef and Phil Spencer in the play they have written together. It’s called The Smallest Hour. It’s funny. It’s only on for two weeks. It’s a really special, lift-your-spirits Christmas gift of a play from…

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A Note from Karen, 8 November


It’s not often I’m invited to write the enews note…but as Lee is gallivanting overseas, and Phil is occupied with a new play and a new baby…this week I am thrilled to be taking the reins! And there is much to write about: Nick Coyle’s brilliantly…

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The Feather in the Web’s Famous Polenta Cake


The Feather in the Web requires a cake on stage every night. And with a cast that has a few varied dietary requirements, providing one isn’t as easy as it seems! Luckily for Griffin, superstar producer Nicole LaBianca has a killer…

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5 Questions with Susie Youssef

Where did the idea for The Smallest Hour come from? Was there an initial creative spark that started it all? If you ask Phil, he’ll quote Saul Bellow and talk about the convict hour, which is “between four and five when…

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A Note from Lee, 25 October


OK Sydney. The Feather in the Web rocks! Our last show of the year is a great big splashy hit and you have to come and see it…everyone says so. It is original, silly, moving and audacious…a very Griffin way…

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Griffin Podcast: Comedy and Theatre


We all love a good belly laugh. But what’s the difference between creating comedy for the stage, screen, or as a stand up routine? And what’s so different about Australian comedy? To find out, local comedy extraordinaires Nick Coyle (Playwright,…

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A Note from Lee, 11 October


For everyone who is camping on these school holidays, I am sorry about the rain, but my garden loves it and all we need is a bit more out in the country and a bit less tonight in Kings Cross…because…it’s…

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Supercharging the story: Mic Gruchy on video design


  I’m a champion of killing the term ‘AV’. It’s an archaic term that isn’t accurate, because it’s essentially ‘audiovisual’, and I don’t do audio, it’s all video—projection, or otherwise delivered. For this show, we have a projector and some…

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A Note from Lee, 27 September


Sun is shining. Sky is blue. 13 weeks till Christmas. Griffin to do list: Close The Misanthrope tomorrow night at the Opera House. What a great time we have had working with the gorgeous Justin Fleming and the extraordinary team…

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