A Note from Lee, 5 July


It’s freezing! But tucked away in the basement of Sydney Uni we are rehearsing Kendall Feaver‘s hot new play The Almighty Sometimes. Bad joke, great play. There is nothing more exhilarating than feeling a new Australian work come to life in the…

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5 Questions With Hannie Rayson


Playwright and author Hannie Rayson brings her sublimely comedic one-woman show, Hello, Beautiful! to Griffin this July. To find out more, we asked Hannie some questions about life, family and touring a solo show around Australia. 1. What’s been your most memorable performance to date?…

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A Note from Phil, 21 June


It’s been a big week here. Ooft. I feel like I say that a lot between tired gasps and sips of tea. But it really has been. Firstly, you know you’ve had an excellent week in the theatre when meeting*…

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A Note from Phil, 7 June


I’m not absolutely certain which philosopher it was who said “Mo Money, Mo Problems”—it was either Soren Kierkegaard or The Notorious B.I.G. Of course, they were right. Because is there anything more frustrating than being on your doorstep trying to…

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In Conversation with Brooke Robinson


Brooke Robinson is the playwright of Griffin’s second Main Season production for 2018, Good Cook. Friendly. Clean.. The play is darkly comic and sees a middle-aged woman spiral out of control as she desperately attempts to make herself marketable to the cruel…

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A Sharehouse Like No Other


For those of you not familiar with Griffin’s Admin Head Quarters—it is, for want of an exact phrase, a ‘sharehouse’. A six-bedroom, one-bathroom, half-a-kitchen sharehouse—what a clean-shaven real estate agent would call ‘a burgeoning micro-garden with huge botanical potential’, aka…

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Sharehouse Horror Stories


Brooke Robinson‘s Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. follows Sandra (played by Tara Morice) as she spirals down a rabbit hole of ridiculous sharehouse interviews in the daunting midst of the Sydney housing crisis. In anticipation of the show’s opening, we asked you to send…

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A Note from Lee, 15 March


It’s autumn! Batch Festival is just around the corner (so hurry up and book your tickets!), the days are getting shorter, all the chocolate in the supermarket is egg-shaped and the light is changing. The light has changed inside the Stables…

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Kill Climate Deniers reference material


If you’re interested in delving deeper into some of the ideas and topics presented in Kill Climate Deniers, here’s some quick reference material for you courtesy of the playwright David Finnigan. Geoengineering The research and discussions around Solar Radiation Management are…

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