5 Questions with Jonny Hawkins & Nell Ranney


Batch Festival 2020 has been announced, so we’re kicking off a series of 5 Questions here on the Griffin blog, to give Grif-fans the chance to get to know our fabulous fresh crop of Batch artists performing on the Stables…

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5 Questions with Julia Patey

Batch Festival 2020 kicks off in April, so in the lead up to the Festival, we’re posting a series of 5 Questions to give Grif-fans the chance to get to know our fabulous fresh crop of Batch artists performing on…

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A Note from Declan, 27 February


So it’s been two weeks since I left my home in Melbourne for the muscular, spray-tanned bosom of Potts Point. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little homesick, but then our first staff meeting at Griffin featured…

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A Note from Karen, 13 February


You know that feeling that you get… the night before you start school, or a new job, or embark on a big adventure? Well it’s like that in the Griffin office at the moment. We are holding our collective breathes…

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Welcome to Griffin 2020!


50 years ago, a group of young Australian theatremakers carved out a space in Sydney for the Australian voice to grow—the Stables Theatre. Would you believe you have been coming up the hill to this gorgeous little theatre for 50…

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A Note from Phil, 30 January


It is a big week in the Griffin house. Next door have decided to do some low-key renovations (cue machine drilling at 9am). We have an epic family squabble going on upstairs with David Williamson’s play drawing the crowds and smashing…

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Griffin Wristbands Are Here!


As part of Griffin’s growing commitment to sustainability, we are aiming to transition to a totally paperless ticketing system by 2021. This year, we’re introducing Griffin Wristbands into the Front of House experience at the SBW Stables. Simply head to…

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A Note From Lee, 16 January

So for the last seven years I have been writing to you every couple of weeks about the ups and downs of life at Griffin. When I started we had just finished the renovation of the Griffin office—thank you SBW…

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In Conversation: David Williamson

David Williamson is arguably Australia’s most successful playwright, with more than 50 plays produced, staged and toured nationally and  internationally, numerous film and television writing credits, and a swathe of awards and accolades for his work.   With his play, Family…

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