A Note from Declan, 7 March


Dear Grif-friend,  

Because our home, the SBW Stables Theatre, is so small, we normally hold two opening nights. This is the only way we can squeeze in all the people who need to be there: donors, reviewers, glamorous red carpet celebrities (Rhonda Burchmore hasn’t accepted an invitation yet but we live in hope). But for The Lewis Trilogy, this meant holding two opening night-and-days—and over Saturday and Sunday our hard-working cast undertook six performances in 48 hours.  

It was a joyous but also sad occasion, knowing that this was the final such event in the SBW Stables Theatre in its current form. If you’ve seen the Trilogy you’ll know that Jeremy Allen’s set design exposes the original floorboards and brickwork of the Stables, in all their distressed, broken, two-hundred-year-old glory. Over the opening performances I swear you could feel the building vibrating with the layers of literal sweat, tears, and blood that have soaked into it over the decades—an energy that buoyed this cast, this audience, these plays to spectacular heights of grandeur and heartbreak.

It was appropriate, then, that this event was shared with some of the legends who have built Griffin into what it is today: Noel HoddaIan PhippsChris PuplickJohn SenczukJohn StoneKaren Rodgers as well as former artistic directors Lee Lewis and David Berthold. Many of these living icons left beautiful, heartfelt messages on a wall of the foyer where we’re collecting Griffin memories—if you’re seeing the Trilogy in the coming weeks, please add a story, a scene, or a moment to it. Keep a lookout for Lee’s message, which is upside down and in a corner of the wall (in typical Lee fashion: not demanding attention, but full of gorgeous wisdom and sentiment for those observant enough to look and listen).

I’m beyond proud of this cast and this team, who’ve been turning themselves inside-out to create this show since we started rehearsals (at the beginning of December 2023!). They’ve met the importance of this occasion with something truly grand, in its level of craft and care. The reviews think it’s OK too, so be sure to get along, and check out this gorgeous production trailer. Especially if you live within the 2010 and 2011 postcode—come along tomorrow night for a special Locals performance of This Much is True! 

Much love,
Declan x

Declan Greene
Artistic Director & Co-CEO