A Note from Hayley, 25 January


Dear Grif-friend,

Hello! I’m Hayley and I’m new here… can I please sit with you?

I joined Griffin in the new year as the Administrator, after spending the last 10 years working in stage management and props in commercial theatre. I must say I am LOVING the change. I’m still finding my feet here but I’m pleased to report that everyone is lovely! Which I’m sure shocks no one in our greater Griffin community.

Anyway, enough about me. Last week we wrapped up our penultimate production in the SBW Stables Theatre, Jailbaby by Suzie Miller. A return season and a very successful one at that! I was lucky to snag a ticket in my first week of working here and I was WOW’d! What a show!

Next up we have The Lewis Trilogy! Have you got your tickets?

As I write this from my desk in the lovely air conditioning our amazing production team is bumping in The Lewis Trilogy next door. I just got a sneak peek and the set is looking incredible, restoring aspects of the theatre to its original state, including peeling layers and layers of paint off the walls and removing the stage floor to expose the original timber floorboards! Trust me, you’ll want to see the Stables in all its glory in this production before we say goodbye to it.

As the show is being bumped into the theatre the cast are in their EIGHTH week of rehearsals. Yes, you read that right… their eighth week! Much longer than we would normally rehearse a show at Griffin but that’s because its not just one show is it!? It’s THREE! Across the three plays eight actors play over 50 roles. Incredible!

The Lewis Trilogy is our extravagant farewell to the SBW Stables Theatre. We celebrate Australian playwriting legend Louis Nowra while saying goodbye to our home for the last 40+ years. Summer of the Aliens, Così and This Much is True are all part of our subscription packages, and while you’re there why not add swim and Flat Earthers: The Musical to your subscriptions, performed at Carriageworks and Hayes Theatre Co respectively. Yes, even though we will temporarily have no theatre, do not fear—we still have shows! 😊

If you are joining us for The Lewis Trilogy, be sure to check out restaurants in the area that we’ve partnered with to make your experience even more enjoyable, like Ezra, Black Bottle, Buffalo Dining Club and more! We’re in the midst of compiling a handy guide, including special Trilogy benefits at partnering hospitality venues, which we’ll tell ticket holders for the Trilogy all about.

And finally, before I leave I’m very excited to say we’ve selected the inaugural winner of the Suzie Miller Award!!! *cheers*

The Suzie Miller Award supports mid-career playwrights in the writing and development of daring and innovative new work. Through the awarding of a full commission and residency at Griffin, as well as mentorship from Suzie Miller herself, the Award provides pathways towards production both within Australia and overseas. It also provides the opportunity to contribute to Griffin’s Artistic programs such as Griffin Studio and the Griffin Award.

I can hear you all saying WELL WHO IS IT!?!?!

You’ll have to read on to find out!

See ya!

Hayley Schmidt