Back. To. Singapore.


After a smash-hit premiere at the SBW Stables Theatre, Merlynn Tong’s Golden Blood 黄金血液 is back and hungrier than ever in 2024—presented by Sydney Theatre Company and Melbourne Theatre Company.

Golden Blood  feels like a big-screen thriller, even though it’s got a cast of two. Playing out on the neon streets of Singapore, it desperately claws back the extreme wealth it once knew, holding a rusty machete between its teeth.  

When her mother dies, a teenage girl is left alone within the four walls of the only thing she’s inherited—a decaying penthouse in the heart of Singapore. To make matters worse, she’s now in the care of her estranged brother, and he’s not exactly up to the gig. For one, he’s only a few years older than her. And two, he’s a gangster. 

Like, an actual one. 

Left with next to nothing, the orphaned siblings become a formidable, atypical corporation of two. But it’s not long before cracks begin to show. What is the trade-off for desiring excessive levels of luxury? What should be kept in this world, and what should be offered to the next? 

★★★★—The Sydney Morning Herald

“An impressive and compelling production. Tong is a voice to watch.”—ArtsHub

Cast & Creatives

Director Tessa Leong
Set & Costume Designer Michael Hankin
Lighting Designer Fausto Brusamolino
Composer & Sound Designer Rainbow Chan
With Merlynn Tong, Charles Wu

Performance Times

Presented by Sydney Theatre Company
13 September – 13 October

Presented by Melbourne Theatre Company
25 October – 30 November
(Tickets on sale 13 June)


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Meet the Cast

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What is Singlish?

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“Tong combines vulnerability with strength and determination. This is very much Girl’s story and her coming-of-age journey is deeply affecting.” ★★★★—Joyce Morgan, The Sydney Morning Herald

“Both actors bring a marvellous sense of depth to the characters they inhabit, allowing Golden Blood to venture into outlandish and wondrous spaces, without compromising even a fragment on authenticity.” ★★★★—Suzy Wrong, Suzy Goes See

“One of those rare combinations of great writing, great actors and a great sense of mise-en-scene.” ★★★★—Charlotte Smee, Theatre Thoughts

Golden Blood is an enthralling 90 minutes of theatre superbly performed by two spellbinding actors.” Catherine Skipper, South Sydney Herald

“An impressive and compelling production. Tong is a voice to watch.” Ned Hirst, ArtsHub

“The chemistry between Wu and Tong is the show’s greatest strength.” Jasmine Joyan, Time Out Sydney

“Director Tessa Leong elicits terrific performances from a super cast.” Paul Gilchrist, Theatre Red

“Each revelation is unexpected and emotionally impactful.” Vaanie Krishnan, The Theatre Enthusiast

“It makes us consider the boundaries we will break, and the lengths we will go to, for family.” Toasting Aussie Theatre

“Merlynn Tong’s Golden Blood is a feverish, drug-induced, dream-like, fire-cracker adventure.” Josephine Lee, Night Writes

“Tong has made a significant contribution to the Asian-Australian voice in the arts.” Jennifer Fernandez, UNSW Blitz


The story, the names, the characters, and the incidents portrayed in this play are fictitious.

No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Content Warning

Golden Blood contains depictions of blood, death/dying, drug use, mental illness, violence, vomit and weapons. The play contains coarse language and descriptions of alcoholism, child abuse, overdoses, sexual references and suicide. Naked flames and haze are present in the play.

If you have questions regarding the content of the play, please don’t hesitate to contact our Box Office team prior to your performance.

24-Hour NSW Mental Health Line
1800 011 511

13 11 14

Presenting Partners


Commissioned through Melbourne Theatre Company’s NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program, with the support of their Playwrights Giving Circle. Developed through the NEXT STAGE Writers’ Program, Cybec Electric Play Reading Series and Griffin Theatre Company.

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