Sharehouse Horror Stories


Brooke Robinson‘s Good Cook. Friendly. Clean. follows Sandra (played by Tara Morice) as she spirals down a rabbit hole of ridiculous sharehouse interviews in the daunting midst of the Sydney housing crisis. In anticipation of the show’s opening, we asked you to send…

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A Note from Lee, 15 March


It’s autumn! Batch Festival is just around the corner (so hurry up and book your tickets!), the days are getting shorter, all the chocolate in the supermarket is egg-shaped and the light is changing. The light has changed inside the Stables…

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Kill Climate Deniers reference material


If you’re interested in delving deeper into some of the ideas and topics presented in Kill Climate Deniers, here’s some quick reference material for you courtesy of the playwright David Finnigan. Geoengineering The research and discussions around Solar Radiation Management are…

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Kill Climate Deniers Feedback

If you’ve seen the play, we would love to hear your thoughts on Kill Climate Deniers. To keep the conversation flowing, we’ll be posting any considered feedback and comments we receive onto our blog. To join the discussion simply email your observations…

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A Note from Lee, 1 March


The first play of the 2018 Griffin Season is opening tonight! Kill Climate Deniers is a wild ride of a theatrical experience. Playwright David Finnigan is offering a vision of the world that is thrilling, frightening and funny. The production…

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A Note from Lee, 15 Feb


Every week during rehearsals, we have a production meeting where everyone working on the show updates the team on their progress towards getting into the theatre. The meetings are usually early in the morning. Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, we had…

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In Conversation: David Finnigan


Bombastic, sharp, and urgent, Kill Climate Deniers is our first Main Season production of 2018. We sat down with playwright David Finnigan to chat about his many influences and what went into the writing of this audacious script. Image by Sarah Walker…

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A Note from Lee, 1 February

When you work on a play, the play inevitably works on you. You have to let it into your life and so all the questions it raises in the fictional world become questions you start asking yourself in the real…

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A Note from Lee, 18 January


Greetings from hot and beautiful Katherine! Yes, I am way up north on a development of a new work. It’s too early to talk about the story yet, but one of the great things about working up here is that…

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