A Note from Lee, 2 January


2020! The future! It wasn’t supposed to start like this. But here we are in the smoke haze, hoping that friends and families around the burning country can be helped to safety. This year we will be talking about the…

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A Note from Lee, 19 December


So even though Christmas is upon us, it doesn’t feel very Christmassy. The city is smoky, stressed and tired. Our PM is absent, and our firefighters are exhausted. But I wanted to finish the year on a positive note. So…

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Still Becoming: In Conversation with Ella Butler


Ella Butler is the Designer of Rita Kalnejais’s First Love is the Revolution. She’s behind the astro-turf wonderland that is the set, as well as the hilariously on-point costumes that build the animalistic world of the play. The Griffs sat…

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A Special Announcement from Griffin

We are thrilled to announce playwright, director and dramaturg Declan Greene as the next Artistic Director of the Company. The first playwright to be appointed to the position in nearly 20 years, Declan’s creative practice is closely aligned with the…

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A Note from Lee, 5 December


I don’t know about you, but I keep waking up in the middle of the night thinking the house is burning. A strange and awful beginning to December with the city shrouded in smoke, our hearts go out to the…

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A Note from Karen, 21 November


Lee and Phil are both taking some much needed R&R, leaving space for me to get a few words in before we wrap up the year… I am not sure I can follow up Phil Spencer’s story with my first…

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A Note from Lee, 8 November


Last night was the opening night of Rita Kalnejais’ First Love is the Revolution and the air is still filled with perfume. Bouquets of flowers for the actors are sitting in the dressing room, good luck cards from loved ones…

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A Note from Phil, 24 October


I remember the first time it happened. Tingly fingers. Lump in throat. Volcanic belly. She stands there, smoking a cigarette and chewing gum (at the same time) whilst dressed as Sporty Spice (obviously). A disco ball spins above. The floor…

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