A Note from Lee, 22 November


You have to see Susie Youssef and Phil Spencer in the play they have written together. It’s called The Smallest Hour. It’s funny. It’s only on for two weeks. It’s a really special, lift-your-spirits Christmas gift of a play from us to you. Book your ticket! Did I mention it’s funny?

It grew up as a play in Griffin Studio—a development program supported by a great group of donors that has led to works as wildly different as Masquerade, Tribunal, Nosferatutu, Between Two Waves, and next year’s City of Gold. I’m linking you to the Studio Artists Alumni page on our awesome new website so you can see the great theatre makers that have been with us in the Studio. It’s a who’s who of theatre talent in Australia.

It was sad to bring the curtain down on Nick Coyle‘s A Feather in the Web. Okay, so we didn’t have an actual curtain…but it was still a bit sad. Because we enjoyed having that wonderful cast with us. Yes Gareth‘s baby arrived safely and thank you to the three audiences who applauded so enthusiastically superstar-champion-understudy-emergency-fill-in Charlie Garber! Live theatre and babies!

So that was the last Main Season show for the year, which is my not-so-subtle reminder to get your 2019 Season subscription!! Just saying again that it is the best Christmas gift ever…my family can all attest to that.

Have a great weekend cleaning up after the dust storm if it happens!


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director