A Note from Lee, 12 September


Splinter is opening! The theatre is always really buzzy in an opening week. So many last minute details, press interviews, flowers arriving for the cast, minor line changes, an extra coat of black paint on the floor, thank you cards…it is fun and frantic and then the play is open for everyone to see. And as much as I can’t wait for summer to come, the cold weather suits the play. It is a dark psychological thriller from the typewriter (keyboard) of Hilary Bell and it will gently pull you away from all your daily concerns into the world of a husband and wife driven apart by doubt.

Strange though, to be thinking about a good cold winter story as bushfires rage on other parts of the country. Sending big love to the fire stations in all the affected areas for attempting the impossible so bravely.

Even stranger to be thinking about all things September, which in my house means trying to figure out which family we’ll be doing Christmas with, and how many days off are possible (not many this year, as we will be rehearsing Family Values). Yes, we are in that time of year when I start suggesting that a Griffin Subscription is a great gift for loved ones…I may mention it once or twice more before the end of the year…including the small but important fact that if you leave those gifts to the last minute, the Griffin office will be open on December 24 so you can order last minute gift certificates!!! Too soon?

And a last minute reminder that the Queensland Premier’s Drama Award deadline is imminent—open to playwrights around the country—and you have until 11.59PM this Sunday 15 September. This is the season for deadlines isn’t it!


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director