A Note from Julieanne, 11 March 2021


Dear Grif-friend,

This is Day 9 as Executive Director and I’m pleased to say that I’m no longer the ‘newbie’! We’ve since been joined by the wonderful Andrea James, Griffin’s new Associate Artist, and Patrick Boyle, our latest Front of House addition. And, if you’re reading between the lines—yes, that means we’re getting ready to open those much-loved SBW Stables doors to welcome you VERY shortly! We have been scrubbing the place COVID-clean (a new global benchmark) and cannot wait to see you in the foyer soon.

Before then, we’re saying goodbye this week to Green Park. I’ve loved this raw and tender two-hander which has been playing to sell-out audiences, and we’ve even won over some regular park residents as well. We’re so proud of everyone involved for their talent in bringing Elias Jamieson Brown‘s play to life, perfectly sited.

Jali is the first show as part of Griffin Lookout—our newly-founded emerging artist program that supports the next wave of inspiring artists. Oliver Twist offers his comedic spin on what is an epic personal tale of how it took him 14 years to come to Australia from his hometown of Cyangugu in Rwanda via Malawi and Ipswich (you’ll have to come to find out if he met Pauline Hanson while he was there). It’s a two-week run and tickets are selling fast, so please don’t miss what will be a heartfelt story to welcome us back to our home.

Next month, we’re thrilled to welcome back Lee Lewis (now the borders are open with Queensland!) who is directing Debra Oswald in Is There Something Wrong With That Lady?. The talent of these two women will be a treat and I can’t wait to see it myself.

Also selling fast is Suzie Miller‘s Prima Facie presented at the Seymour Centre. Single tickets launched last week and our Box Office phone rang non-stop for the entire day! I’m personally thrilled we’ve finally brought it back because I missed the premiere season in 2019! Unfortunately, considering the time passed, it’s a work as topical now as it was then. We can only hope the tides are finally turning on this issue.

And of course, this is just what’s on the stage. In the short time I’ve been at Griffin I’ve learned there is so much more going on behind the scenes: we welcomed our Griffin Ambassadors for 2021, generously supported by the Robertson Foundation, our five Griffin Studio Artists have been busy crafting a swathe of new and exciting plays, and we’ve had a host of artist meetings and works-in-development that have given the office a new lease on life after 2020. The theatre and bar are once again abuzz, and if you look up you may even notice our new roof and enjoy our new air con in the theatre. Did I mention we’re excited to have you back?

My first enews note is longer than I’d planned. I’ve also eaten lots of welcome cake. The best relationships are the ones that feel like home from Day 1. That’s Griffin.


Julieanne Campbell
Executive Director