A Note from Cassie, 11 July


Dear Grif-friends,

I am terribly thrilled to be writing the eNews this week to let you know that swim by Ellen van Neerven opens this week! I have been geeking out about this project since I first read the script and I can’t wait for audiences to be able to be profoundly moved the way I have been every step of this process.

I’ve been producing swim since the start of the year when we went up to Yugambeh Country to develop the work. The cultural immersion we did on Country translated its way into the work—from Samuel James’ breathtaking audio visual work and Romanie Harper’s sleek set design has elevated what was already impeccable writing to a full sensorial experience. You can get a taste of this in the gorgeous character trailers that recently came out of Sandy Greenwood as Aunty and Dani Sib as E. There are not many tickets left, but we have Mob tix available for all First Nations people who want to come see the work, and for trans and gender diverse people who would like to attend, we have a community night on the 24th July where I will be hosting a panel after the show on the process of making this unique play about non-binary and First Nations identity. I have never seen anything like this on our stages; one that revels in the intersection of trans and First Nations culture. It is such a deeply important work and the highlights kind of productions that Griffin does best.

While we’ve been getting ready for swim to take the stage, we’ve also been getting ready for the Griffin Award Keynote. We can’t wait for Angus Cerini (The Bleeding Tree, Into the Shimmering World) to take the stage and talk about the state of theatre in this country. I’ll certainly be in the audience, as will much of the playwriting community as we get to celebrate some of the most exciting writers in the country! I’ve been lucky enough to read the entries on the shortlist and there is some truly new and exciting stuff on there (you should trust me… I was nominated for the Griffin Award last year which you should remember from the last eNews I wrote… keep up!). Get your tickets before they run out!

We are also running up fast to Flat Earthers: The Musical by Jean Tong, Lou Wall & James Gales. I am obsessed with this show (and not just because I am on the poster), but because the music is so absurdly, head-bangingly good and that cast is desperately hilarious. Tickets are now on sale and I would buy them immediately because as soon as the gays get a whiff of this mind-melting sapphic extravaganza there will be no tickets left.

A huge thank you to everyone that donated to us last End of Financial Year—it’s that support that helps us to put together exciting seasons for you all in the future! Speaking of, we are about to do a creative development for a work that is a part of our 2025 season… I can’t say very much about it, but what I can say is there will be some well-known faces in it, and part of this development is trying out a core part of the work to see if it isn’t too… distracting for audiences.

You are not ready for the 2025 Griffin season.

But I am ready to finish up this eNews! I’ll let you get to booking tickets for all of the Griffin shows I am yelling about here. See you all in a foyer soon!

Much love,
Cassie xx