A Note From Sasha, 10 November


Dear Grif-friend,

Last week marked the End Of. our 2022 Season!  

Can you believe it?  

I squeezed in that pun (and hyperlink)… again. My little Marketing brain simply refuses to quit, even after the show is over. Or perhaps my brain is elsewhere—totally spiralling over my impending law exams (if anyone has some last-minute pearls of wisdom for Trusts and Equity, I would appreciate it). But it’s nothing that our favourite office doggo can’t fix. Regardless, I must admit that it’s been hard to move on from what has been an amazing 2022 Season… but move on we must, because Griffin 2023 is fast approaching!  

Yesterday marked the 100-day countdown to Sydney WorldPride 2023! If you didn’t already know, WorldPride is a global LGBTQIA+ festival and each year cities around the world compete to play host. This is a HUGE deal. It is going to be the largest international festival in Sydney since the 2000 Olympics and Griffin, in our iconic Kings Cross theatre, cannot wait to take part. The full program was announced yesterday, so once you’ve finishing spinning around with Kylie, make sure to book in early for our featured show: Sex Magick by Nicholas Brown! Here’s a super sneaky hot tip between you and me… Single tickets are on pre-sale to the public RIGHT NOW if you head over to the Sydney WorldPride website. This is way before they go on sale to the general public on Thursday 1 December. An even sneakier hot tip is that you can save sweet cash and book all the shows you please if you grab yourself a Griffin 2023 subscription. 

If 2023 feels too far away and you’re dying to be back in the cosy charm of the SBW Stables Theatre before the year ends, make some time on Sunday 27 November to join us for the 2023 Season Briefing. This is a rare opportunity to speak with our Artistic Director, Declan Greene, as he takes you through 2023 Season with guest appearances from the featured artists. It’s also your first chance to get a sneak peek into the major upcoming redevelopment of the SBW Stables Theatre—so you can get the inside scoop on the look and feel of our future home! Tickets are free but registration is essential so get in now.

That’s all from me for now! Enjoy the sunshine, and hopefully catch you in a fortnight’s time! 

Good Night Seattle!

Sasha Meaney
Marketing Coordinator