Of course, they were right. Because is there anything more frustrating than being on your doorstep trying to find your house keys but all the spare cash that’s floating loose in your backpack keeps getting in the way—so you give up looking, hop in a cab to the city, stay in a hotel room for the night, clear out the mini bar and eat the world’s most expensive KitKat?!

But fear not, we are here to help dear friends. Donate some of your hard-earned moolah to us and we will do all sorts of magnificent things with it!

Last weekend was an example of the magnificent things we do here at Griffin. We opened up the theatre on Sunday, brewed some tea and spent the afternoon watching a gang of Sydney’s finest actors perform excerpts of the five shortlisted 2018 Griffin Award plays by Will O’MahonyJane BodieKirk DoddVernon Sik Chuan Pua and this year’s winner Suzie Miller, with her enchanting and menacing new play On the Face Of It.

A heads up that we have just opened submissions for the Martin Lysicrates Prize—so if you’re a playwright working on the first act of a brand new play for children aged 11-14, then oh boy do we want to hear from you!

Actually, while I have you, you also have until next week to see Brooke Robinson’s captivating drama Good Cook. Friendly. Clean., we’re doing a musical special UP LATE on Friday 15 June and I’m looking for a three bedder in Summer Hill to rent, so if you have any leads, send them my way.


Phil Spencer
Artistic Associate