A Note from Phil, 2 August


I have been away for the past few weeks and yesterday I returned.

Now, unlike when I returned home from a holiday last year to find the house sitter had killed the cat*, eaten all of the emergency homemade lasagne in the freezer and blown the internet data usage by obsessively watching The Crown, I returned home to Griffin yesterday to something quite wonderful.

Whilst I have been moonlighting, Lee Lewis has done what Lee Lewis does best. She has taken a new Australian work, this time The Almighty Sometimes by the magnificent Kendall Feaver, and she has brought it to life with heart-breaking clarity, boundless warmth and peppered it with some of the most honest and confronting theatrical moments I think I have ever witnessed up here at the Stables.

(I mean, she hadn’t taken the bins out for three weeks, so it’s not all fun and games being back.)

The play is a marvel, the performances are exquisite and I am quite unashamed to admit that I left the theatre with tears all down the front of my opening night shirt and possibly some sausage roll too. It was a big night.

In other news, we’ve wrangled together a terrific Griffin UP LATE line up for Friday 17 August. Zoe Norton Lodge and Pippa Ellams will regale you with stories. Sasha March and Leah Flanagan will fill your ears with glorious tunes. Tickets are only $15. Need I say more?

It is nice to go away, but I tell you what, it’s even nicer to come back here to the home of new Australian writing.


Phil Spencer
Artistic Associate


*Well, he may not have killed the cat, but medically speaking, there was no denying that the cat was dead.