A Note from Lee, 29 August


The sun was shining, the sausages were sizzling, the gin was icy, the puppies were cute, the neighbours were friendly, the street was full, Don Harwin was gracious, the bunting was flapping in the spring breeze and the plays…the plays…the plays!!! We launched our 2020 Season on Sunday afternoon with friends and family and fairy floss. Thank you to everyone who came and everyone who sent love from afar—it was a wonderful day. Thank you to everyone who has already subscribed! Thank you to the five playwrights—David Williamson, Matthew Whittet, Kendall Feaver, Mark Rogers and Alma de Groen—who make up the Main Season for 2020. And thank you to the hundreds of playwrights over the last 50 years who have built this theatre, play by play. Grab a brochure (it looks awesome!) and start planning your theatre adventures for next year.

The adventure this year continues as we say goodbye to Meyne Wyatt and the beautiful cast of City of Gold and welcome Lucy Bell and Simon Gleeson into the SBW Stables for Hilary Bell’s Splinter. It’s a small cast, so no doubt they will be much more comfortable in the tiny dressing room than the seven actors of City of Gold were…there are plans to one day build another storey on top of the theatre and have new dressing rooms up there with (shock!) showers!!! But we might let Sydney finish renovating the Opera House and the Wharves first before we start. In the meantime, we rely on actors loving new writing more than personal space in the dressing room. Thank you every last one of you for your good humour.

Good luck to all the other companies around the country launching in the coming weeks—our friends up at Queensland Theatre launched last week, and Malthouse Theatre in Melbourne was also on Sunday, so check out their seasons if you are travelling next year (particularly because Suzie Miller‘s Prima Facie will be touring to both theatres in 2020!).

See you in the theatre foyer, where we can talk about the 2020 Season.


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director