A Note from Lee, 15 Feb


Every week during rehearsals, we have a production meeting where everyone working on the show updates the team on their progress towards getting into the theatre. The meetings are usually early in the morning.

Yesterday, on Valentine’s Day, we had a production meeting for Kill Climate Deniers, which goes into the theatre next week. This was the report given by our Audiovisual Designer, Toby Knyvett:

Roses are red, just like beef jerky
I’ve got 5 out of 6 projectors and screens working

Roses are red, carnations are dapper
I just need a HDMI over CAT5 transmitter and a dual link DVI adapter
(Which Kirby already brought so that one is off the radar)

Roses are red, romance or sex?
Waiting on the video capture box to be delivered by Startrack Express

Roses are red, I love Outkast’s ‘HEY YA’
At the office they should expect a delivery in my name from Videoguys Austral-ya

>if delivery is done

(Roses are red, oh yeah booyah
Thanks for letting me know, what a fast courier)

Roses are red, pasta is al-dent
By the end of today we’ll have some content

Roses are red, I could go a ke-bab
I’ve started to create a master showfile for Khym to trigger in QLAB

Roses are red, the tech week is loomin’
With that QLAB file I need to work closely on cue points with Steve Toulmin

Roses are red, I hate roller derby
That’s all to report, back to you Kirby…

Hands down my favourite moment in a production meeting, ever! We preview next Friday – grab your tickets and get ready for a wild ride.


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director