Audio Visuals in Kill Climate Deniers


During Kill Climate Deniers, there was a MASSIVE amount of information being projected on the screens across the stage. You may have felt overwhelmed—which was all part of the plan really. But, we’ve compiled all the information from these AV projections into the one user-friendly blog post. So if there’s anything you’d like to go back and re-read, you can! Read on…


Scene I

RFID Cat Flaps

Scene II

Liberals outraged that ‘Kill Climate Deniers’ play is funded by the ACT government
Canberra Times

‘Kill Climate Deniers’ perfectly predicts Brendan Smyth’s outrage
Canberra Times



Geoengineering Reference Material




Scene III

Scene IV

Comments from Bloggers / Tweeters on Kill Climate Deniers

  • That David Finnigan can express such an extremity of doubt while persisting with his murderous intent demonstrates exquisite parody, or gross psychosis. So, shall we laugh, or get him the help he needs?
  • This Finnegan bloke is typical of his kind; you know, the fascist left kind who sneer and humiliate and threaten anyone who dares dissent from their totalitarian worldview.
  • The law should come down in absolute force and hold this menace to account.
  • I will also be reporting you to the authorities.
  • His grant should be immediately withdrawn and he should be investigated by the authorities for incitement to terrorism.
  • This could only emanate from a left wing socialist entity like the ACT.
  • Ah, Canberra. Plenty of bong for your buck. Drugged kids reading “Kill Climate Deniers” posters and ads.
  • This is lower than the original town of Acton, sunk beneath the lake this last century.
  • Green Labor pollies who obviously think it’s OK to kill people as long as it’s not done violently.
  • I think if a war starts a lot of eco-activists will be killed first … that’s just my opinion.
  • Just following on from the foundations laid by extreme feminism. All part and parcel of demonising the West and the white man.
  • Make all the scientists trans-gender and the funding will flow in like melting glaciers.
  • I’m sure it will receive numerous awards from the elite.
  • We could always put on a play of our own.
  • In our play, we could imprison climate alarmists, because they are lying to the populace, in order to push their evil agenda…
  • So I shouldn’t have a problem getting that grant for “Castrate the Believers”…
  • “Kill the Cultists”; a much better title, and a much better course of action. No climate cultists, equals no more “global warming.”
  • Where do I donate to the Kill The Greenies play?
  • How about “Assassinate the Alarmists”
  • “Kill the Leftists” is a rather intriguing theatre-in-the-round piece which calls for audience participation in an improv style, soon to be playing at a leftist demonstration near you.
  • My play is titled “I’m waiting for you.”
  • I’m waiting for them to make their best effort. In a way I look forward to it. This “cold war” is getting old and quite frankly I’d rather fight this battle than leave it to my children.
  • Like to see em try that, and i will send those that try back to the ACT government in a box, marked postal payment on delivery.
  • The good news is that these pussies are afraid of guns. When that day of reckoning finally comes it will be like shooting fish in a barrel.
  • Dirt worshipers are pu$$ies. Bring it on.
  • Are you prepared though, to kill them before they kill us? I certainly am, and I’m devoid of remorse for doing so.
  • Hehehehehe, around here such “Green” fascism will get you real climate change, a one way ticket to hell.
  • These Progressives think shooting is just like they see in the movies. They could be easily taken care of if they get too serious about their kill kill fantasies.
  • I’m a denier. Come get me! Don’t mind the claymore mines out front..come get me!
  • If only a diesel spewing truck badly in need of engine maintenance would accidentally run over David Finnigan.
  • I can loan you a Land Rover Defender that will do just that 🙂
  • I’m a denier, now come and kill me. I’ll fertilise the earth with your rotting corpses. Just giving back to mother earth.
  • Have the “Climate Warriors” examined the situation? Are they aware that the people they express a desire to kill, are
  • armed to the teeth and just waiting for the “warmers’ to fire the first shot?
  • Blast David Finnigan with shotgun. Call it performance art.
  • I have a new play, too. It’s title, “Not If I Get You First.”
  • Better get to the range dumbass because I’m ready for you.
  • Bring it on, beauzeaus, and you watermelons will be red on the outside, too.
  • Come try and kill us, Liberals.
  • These people are p.ssies, come and kill the deniers and feel what it is like to be killed.
  • I dare them to step up! I hope they do… decimating those perverted cowards will be both fun and satisfying!
  • Now you’re talking brother. What are they gonna do against the largest armed force in history? Cowardly little pricks…
  • Wait till they find out that killing us is not as easy as strangling their Raggedy Ann! Bring it snowflakes, adults are ready.
  • Come and get some. I like my SJWs downrange and at the 300m mark.
  • Great! Thank you for freeing me to use deadly force against you libs! Game on!
  • I hope all the climate change folks get infected with ZIKA virus so they can’t breed.
  • Not a single Leftist has any inherent value as a human being. They are vermin, and they must be exterminated. No other solution.
  • The Lefties/Greenies aren’t kidding. Given the opportunity they would open “reeducation camps” and people would end up dying.
  • Come on leftists! You cowardly IDIOTS! You WEAK and stupid limp wristed butt fcccking perverts! WE DARE YOU TO STEP UP AND TAKE THAT SHOT! YOU ALL WILL BE DECIMATED WHERE YOU STAND!
  • Don’t let the left fool you, they LOVE guns. They just don’t want anyone but the state to have them.
  • Leftists specialize in genocide. It is what they do once they have complete control.


More denier comments

  • Manmade Globull Warming is a HOAX… a wealth redistribution scheme ginned up by the radical extreme 
leftists who hate free markets and democracy.
  • Climate Change is about world government.
  • Actually it’s communist as it is promoted to destroy Capitalism.
  • ts amazing how the left has successfully manipulated the the greenies save the planet nonsense to further their 
Marxist big govt one world order no borders agenda.
  • They’re all damned bloody Marxists.
  • The leaders of this crap are communists. Why do you think earth day is also Lenin’s birthday.
  • Green communism
  • The Global Warming scam is according to the BBC… however The BBC take their Orders from The UN.
  • If they were honest, the climate alarmists would admit that they are not working feverishly to hold down global 
temperatures — they would acknowledge that they are instead consumed with the goal of holding down capitalism and establishing a global welfare state.
  • Global Warming is a Scam Based on Fraud By the British Socialist.
  • And they would install a totalitarian government in a heart beat to enact and then enforce their Green laws and lock 
up all transgressors.
  • All we are s a y i n g, is give communist a chance…all we are s a y i n g, is give Marx a chance.
  • The Left being the Left. Stalin. Pol Pot. And others… 94,000,000 victims murdered in the name of communism.
  • Yeah but it’s “good” violence and murder so that’s ok… Think Stalin,Pol Pot or Mao
  • I am sure Mao would have approved
  • More like Mao’s Red guards though, smashing up things they don’t like .
  • “Political power comes through the barrel of a gun”. – Mao Tse Dung. That’s the very essence of leftwing theory. All 
else is BS, a smokescreen to hide the ugly truth.
  • Climate change is just the socialist/homosexual religion .
  • Liberal filth. They will not rest until every freedom is denied.


And if  you are interested in seeing some of the original content sourced by our AV Designer Toby Knyvett, you can do so here