A Note from Lee, 11 May


Love is in the air at Griffin. Loving rehearsals of The Literati. Love a comedy.

Loving the awesome last performance of Replay on Saturday night and loving how happy playwright Phil Kavanagh was with his first play in Sydney.

Loving having Tom Holloway’s beautiful play As We Forgive in the Stables for the next two weeks. Loving Tasmania Performs for sending it to us so Sydney can learn to love legendary actor Robert Jarman.

Loving the idea of sneaky seasons of new plays from around the country… All you artistic directors around the country reading this should think about sending your plays to Griffin for a visit.

Loving the Griffin Award shortlist. Loving how many plays were truly inspiring. Loving the playwriting talent in this country. Love the stories you are writing.

Loving Australian plays. The old ones. The new ones. The ones yet to be written. Loving putting them on the Stables stage to inspire you.


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director