A Note from Lee, 1 February


When you work on a play, the play inevitably works on you. You have to let it into your life and so all the questions it raises in the fictional world become questions you start asking yourself in the real world.

I’m in the rehearsal room for David Finnigan‘s Kill Climate Deniers and it’s making me really uncomfortable. This is the story of a climate science activist and his struggle to get through to the world about the battle he is fighting. It’s a cry of rage. I mean, he screams in a comic way so it’s fun to do and to see (’90s techno is inherently funny, yes?) but the underlying questions it asks about our extraordinary capacity to ‘forget’, ‘misunderstand’, ‘bury’ and ‘silence’ our history, our difficulties, our pain, our errors, our humiliations, our massacres, our lies… well let’s just say thank god I’m in a room with some great actors.

So you have to come and see it.

And if you know Andrew Bolt… you have to invite him.

2018 people! It’s here!


Lee Lewis
Artistic Director