In celebration of the past 50 years and in anticipation of the next 50!


2020 marks the 50th birthday of Griffin’s home, the Stables Theatre. We will be celebrating all year long with a range of special programs and events that we hope you’ll love!

Play Readings
Revisit seminal works from the Stables’ 50 year canon. This series of staged play readings across 2020 will celebrate important Australian works, many of which made their debut on the Stables stage. The readings will be brought to life by some of Australia’s finest directors, with several original cast members reprising their iconic roles.

Dive into the history of the Stables in this special monthly podcast series. You’ll explore the history of the iconic building, delve into the many exciting and formative works performed on the Stables stage, and hear from some of the country’s most celebrated artists including Tommy Murphy, Anna Volska and Ros Horin.

The Stables at Sydney Film Festival 2020
Griffin will commemorate the 50 Years of the Stables celebration with a special panel about the journey of play to screen at Sydney Film Festival, 3 – 14 June 2020.

Stables Archive
Austage and Griffin are teaming up to build a complete online archival record of every show ever performed at the Stables. This will be your encyclopaedic one-stop-shop for information on playwrights, productions, performers and creatives.

Blog Posts

Welcome to Griffin 2020!


Would you believe you have been coming up the hill to this gorgeous little theatre for 50 YEARS?!?! Yep. 50 years ago, a group of young Australian theatremakers carved out a space for the Australian voice to grow. And 50...

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A Note from Lee, 29 August


The sun was shining, the sausages were sizzling, the gin was icy, the puppies were cute, the neighbours were friendly, the street was full, Don Harwin was gracious, the bunting was flapping in the spring breeze and the plays…the plays…the...

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