A Note from Karen, 21 November


Lee and Phil are both taking some much needed R&R, leaving space for me to get a few words in before we wrap up the year…

I am not sure I can follow up Phil Spencer’s story with my first love experience from our last enewsletter (it was long ago and far away and definitely not in a disco) however, every time I watch the amazing cast perform First Love is the Revolution, I remember the incredible rush and crazy roller coaster ride of being in love for the first time. Actually, just being in love!  This week, I am bringing my teenage daughters and their friends to experience this beautiful script by Rita Kalnejais (and don’t just take my word for it—have a look at the across the board excellent reviews we have received). It’s a play for people young at heart, it’s a play about family, it’s a play for those who want a night out unlike any other you will have had in the theatre this year. This is our Christmas play, our gift to you, a perfect blend of laughter and joy and chickens, foxes and a cat…speaking of which, come and see Guy Simon playing an Alsatian! Being the owner of two neurotic poodles, and a dog lover myself, I can tell you it is worth the ticket price to see this performance alone!

Come and enjoy Bar Manager Grace’s special ‘Get Foxed’ cocktail to get you in the mood (thank you Four Pillars Gin!), our new astro-turf foyer furniture (not to give too much away about the set!) and a truly fabulous, kooky story to wrap up your year at Griffin! Seriously, you will not regret it.

We are starting to think about the end of the year (I am soaking mixed fruit in copious amounts of rum for the staff Christmas Cake…) but before we get to indulge in too much December merriment, we have a few other things on the boil. The Griffin Award is now open, so if you have a new Australian play searching for a home, send it in, you have until 31 December. Our call out for year 10, 11 and 12 students to join the Griffin Ambassadors program is also open, so get in touch if you are a young lover of theatre and want to join us in 2020. The fantastic opportunity for us to partner with Create NSW to deliver the Incubator – NSW Theatre Fellowship in 2020 was also announced this week, so there’s lots happening!

I was fortunate enough to hear the first read of David Williamson’s new play Family Values this week. As this is the first show of our 2020 Season, it is only a few weeks until we start rehearsal with this amazing cast. (And don’t forget, as Lee would say, a 2020 Subscription is the best holiday gift…it keeps on giving all year!)

Hope to see you in the Stables before we wrap up 2019!


Karen Rodgers
Executive Director