A Note from Ell, 8 April


Dear Grif-friend,

Hard to believe that seven years ago I was sitting in the audience as a Griffin Ambassador and now I’m writing this dang newsletter. I guess you stay where you feel most at home. I’m Ell and I’m the Development Coordinator here at Griffin; I organise events, keep in touch with our supporters and occasionally dabble in other Griff-ventures like our Artist Membership program. (Hidden agenda item #1: if you want to get insider access to the makings of Griffin’s new work—sign up to Artist Membership here!).

The long weekend is over, the chocolate bunnies have been eaten and I have a dozen hot cross buns stockpiled in my freezer. It’s now April and the Griffs have a lot going on. Debra Oswald is about to enter through the Stables doors, Dogged is in its third week of rehearsals, and Prima Facie now has 100% capacity over at the Seymour Centre!We also held our first Griffin Scratch of the year and are accepting expressions of interest for our next one; if you’ve got an uncut gem ready for an audience—apply now.  

From one sold-out show to the next after Jali wrapped up, we are excited to welcome Debra Oswald back into the SBW Stables Theatre, directed by the legendary Lee Lewis. Is There Something Wrong With That Lady? is taking to the stage (for real this time post-COVID) from Tuesday 13 April. A bunch of extra tickets just got released, so buy now before it’s too late—you can also read her latest interview here. 

Our next Main Season play is going to be a biggie. Last week, we celebrated our Dogged Production Partner supporters at our first IN PERSON event in over a year; attendees saw a sneak peak of Sandy Greenwood’s talent and let me tell you, you’re in for an exciting night at the theatre. The cast and creatives of Dogged are now passing the half-way mark on rehearsals and we are so excited for you all to see this tremendous new work, in association with Force Majeure.  

If you didn’t get tickets to see Suzie Miller’s Griffin Award-winning Prima Facie when it graced the SBW Stables stage in 2019, you’re in luck! Capacity for this production, presented at the Seymour Centre, is now at 100%, and tickets are available for purchase.

Well, there’s your Griff-update! Now I’m going to call my high school drama teacher: “Hi Miss P, look, I’m writing the newsletter!”. Past Ell would be very excited.   

Warmest regards,

Ell Katte
Development Coordinator