A Note from Dominic, 11 November


G’day Griff-friends!

My name’s Dominic and if you’ve called the Box Office even once, there’s a strong chance that you and I have spoken. Still not sure? I’m the voice that makes you think you’ve called a telemarketing service by mistake! I’ve been Griffin’s Box Office Manager for the past three years and all things ticketing are my domain. Whether it’s the show you wanted to see, the clash in your calendar you’ve only just noticed or getting your tickets scanned as you come through those big barn doors. I’m. Your. Guy.

I’m writing this note in the dying minutes of Wednesday 10 November, after co-orchestrating the delivery of another wildly successful Opening Night here at the SBW Stables Theatre. After two years of lockdowns and cancellations, we are incredibly proud to welcome Wherever She Wanders to its five-week season at (as Lee Lewis used to put it) ‘that little theatre on top of the hill’. Little though we may be, Griffin punches for the big time and Kendall Feaver‘s second Griffin sensation is no exception. To the cast and creatives, staff, board and donors whose resilience and passion have made tonight possible, I offer a huge ‘chookas!’ and a perfectly poured Four Pillars G&T.

You may think that just because it’s November and you already have tickets to Wherever She Wanders that there’s not much else happening at Griffin this year… Well you’d be more wrong than pineapple on pizza. We were busy during this last lockdown and I don’t just mean re-scheduling cancelled shows… Our Mystery Subscriptions are moving faster than a huntsman you’ve disturbed from the corner of your room. With only a three-word description to tease your senses, it’s a thrilling experience to sign up for Griffin’s 2022 Season and take a gamble on the next Aussie classic.

Got a teenager, are a teenager, or teach teenagers? Check out our Griffin Ambassadors program—the applications have just opened up for our 2022 cohort! Students in years 10-12 are invited to our entire Main Season, treated to awesome post-show Q&As and engaged by industry leaders in exceptionally creative workshops, all the while surrounded by like-minded young people. By the way, did I mention it’s free? As an ex-Griffin Ambassador myself between 2010-2012, I can personally vouch for the experience; it’s a life changer and there’s no going back. If you know a student or teacher—put them onto this, frankly ludicrous, opportunity. Thank you Heidi (my Drama teacher from school)… look at me now!

Speaking of the unbelievable, I’ve never seen tickets move as fast as they have to our returned season of Prima Facie. Led by the incomparable Sheridan Harbridge, it’s a gripping and incredibly necessary dissection of a sexual assault case and there’s a reason it’s going on at the West End next year. Do yourself a favour and buy your tickets now before they sell out. To anyone who’s had tickets to both cancelled seasons of this powerful play, it’s been an emotional rollercoaster we’ve shared together and we don’t want you to miss out!

It’s 12:09am, my peppermint tea is stone cold and I’m exhausted. I guess the only thing left to do now is to get up tomorrow and do it all again. Call me in the office for a yarn or grab me while I’m out front at the SBW Stables Theatre; if you call yourself a Griff you’re fine by me. I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of the work we do here; it’s too important not to be. I know that one day, all too soon, I’m going to be an audience member rather than an Ambassador, bartender or staff member and when that day comes, I know the warmth and welcome that I’ll be treated with. Thank you for your bravery and support, for sharing your stories and taking a risk.

I’m Dom, the loud, laughing, larrikin up front and if you’re still reading, you’re a Griff, just like me.

Till next time,

Dominic Scarf
Box Office Manager