A Note from AJ, 6 May


Dear Grif-friend,

I’m AJ, the Marketing Manager and also one of Griffin’s three Associate Producers. You probably would have seen some of my handiwork before via our eNews, pre-show emails, social media posts and general show imagery. Although, I can’t claim total credit—in fact, the amazing marketing team comprising of Ang and Rebecca are definitely the real stars of the marketing show!

I feel quite discombobulated presently. I blinked in January and now we’re in May… good lord. But I have been enjoying the return of cooler weather and the ability to get a bit more creative with my fashion choices. Give me layers, coats, jumpers and scarves over t-shirts, flip flops and shorts any day of the week. I must say, playing with outfits does provide me enough procrastination to dismiss the obvious fact that this year is moving very quickly. And I have quite a lot to get done.

In Grif-terms though, May means that we’re opening the much anticipated Dogged by Andrea James & Catherine Ryan. After more than a decade in development, this wonderful piece of writing is getting its world premiere with an amazing cast. One of the things that most excites me about this show is how different the SBW Stables Theatre will feel. The set alone is unlike anything I’ve seen in the space in a very long time, and the writing is equally powerful and all-encompassing. If you haven’t already, definitely grab a ticket to this utterly unique show.

Last Friday, I hopped on the SBW Stables stage as the resident host of Griffin Scratch. It was such a lovely evening! Scratch is our low-stakes, high-gain, work-in-progress night in which artists from all genres test their new writing. This allows them to finesse their writing and test ideas in real time. The last show was truly inspiring. Katie Beckett, Alana Hicks, Ally Morgan and Mel Ree all brought such unique, beautiful and powerful new work to the stage from music to poetry, playwriting to novels and I think everyone who went can agree it was pretty magical. Take a trip down memory lane with some of the photos from the night here.

This week, we also announced the Griffin Studio Ensemble, a brand new initiative to bring in fresh perspectives and expand our ability to support developing talent within our Griffin Studio program. The program has only been possible through the generous support of Mary Ann Rolfe. If you’ve ever thought about supporting Griffin before, get in touch, because there are so many programs and initiatives that are only possible because of our passionate community.

So much is happening and it’s an incredibly exciting time here in little our office on the hill. I’m sure many of you have experienced the kindness and generosity of the Griffin team on your travels over the years but I’m very lucky to work with such passionate and caring people. That too is definitely one of the things that a fast-moving year can never take away.

Te veré pronto,

AJ Lamarque
Associate Producer, Marketing