There will be blood.


You know that feeling when you’re going out, and it’s your birthday, and you look great, and you kill someone, but you don’t do it properly?

It’s Ellie’s birthday and she’s going out tonight. Out out. Three-hours-getting-ready, changed-her-bag-10-times, three-glasses-of-wine, shot-of-tequila, and a little-baby-line kinda out.

She’s having a good time, but can’t stop thinking about a dream she’s had, or completely ignore the fact that she’s covered in blood…

This confessional revenge-comedy will change the way you see birthdays, private phone numbers, and getting back what’s yours. 

Image: Sam Marques

Batch Two-Pack
Two shows on the same night for $50 (saving up to 30%)
Friday 17 April
Saturday 18 April

Cast & Creatives

Written and Directed by Julia Patey
Performer Erin Dengate-Taylor
Dramaturg Polly Rowe
Stage Manager Holly Robinson
Music Supervisor Alexandra Prudames