5 Questions with Betty Grumble


You know her, you love her—Grif-fave Betty Grumble is back and Betty than ever! Grumble ‘n’ Friends is a brand new variety show featuring your favourite sex clown and a gaggle of talented friends. The perfect Batch Festival treat!

1. Introduce yourself with a fun fact that someone might not know about you!

My name is Betty Grumble and I am the invention of a woman in the world. A fun fact about moi is that I am moved to tears by animals and trees and disco music. I bloody love playing and I can tap dance.

2. Paint us a picture of your show in 5 words.

Friends doing joyful, talented art.

3. What was the inspiration behind the creation of your show?

I am inspired by my mates! By our diverse and very impressive pool of arty weirdos! I wanted to get ‘em together! Playing is pleasure!

4. What are you most looking forward to about bringing your show to Batch Festival 2019 at Griffin?

I love that Bermuda triangle of a stage. The Griffin family is really supportive and the audiences are always up for a good time. I’m excited about my guests! We are swollen with rock star energy!

5. Which other shows are you hoping to catch at Batch?

I hope to catch Sauvage (WILD)! I love the mythology of wild womanhoods. There are so many great shows to catch. I hope to roll into them all.