Meet Sauvage. Wild woman. Myth.

She doesn’t bite (too hard). She is imperfect (naturally). She moves fearlessly, stopping at certain beats—for courage without conscience is a wild beast.

The premiere of a new work by Aanisa Vylet (The Girl/The Woman), Sauvage is a mashup of primal female storytelling, drums, belly dancing, physical theatre and song. Spoken in English, Arabic and Spanish, this is a tribute to those fighting for the right to return to their natural skin.

Presented by Vyva Entertainment.

This project is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW.

Image: Daniel Asher Smith

Cast & Creatives

Writer/Performer Aanisa Vylet
Director Shy Magsalin
Producer Vyvienne Abla
Dramaturg Donna Abela
Costume Designer Stephanie Howe
Performer Stefo Nantsou
Drummer  Youssef Sawires

Performance Times

Wednesday 8 May 8.30pm
Thursday 9 May 8.30pm
Friday 10 May 8.30pm
Saturday 11 May 8.30pm

Blog Posts

5 Questions with Aanisa Vylet


Sauvage (WILD) is a meditation on womanhood, freedom, storytelling and myth making. It’s the brainchild of Aanisa Vylet, whose face you may know from our colourful Batch Festival image. Griffin can’t wait to host Aanisa and her beautiful, brand new show...

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