A celebration of those who refuse to be invisible, in a world looking the other way.


The phone rings. It’s your mother. She needs you to check in on an old friend of hers; her name is Maureen and she’d love some company. You jump on a train, climb the stairs and feign your most polite smile, but the ‘old lady’ you expect to meet and the person on the other side of the door have very little in common.

Maureen’s world is fading around her, but she’s got cats to pat and a mission to change what people think about old ladies.

Inspired by a real-life friend and namesake, this brand new play is an homage to the voices of older women, told through a queer lens. Jonny Hawkins transforms into Maureen before our eyes, celebrating those who refuse to be invisible, and what it is to be alive, awake, dreaming and dead.

Presented by Sign of the Acorn
Image: Boheem

Content Warning
This production contains the use of herbal cigarettes.

Batch Two-Pack
Two shows on the same night for $50 (saving up to 30%)
Friday 17 April
Saturday 18 April

Cast & Creatives

Written and performed by Jonny Hawkins
Co-conceived and directed by Nell Ranney
Designer Isabel Hudson


“An exquisitely crafted theatre piece that touches at the heart of experience.” ★★★★★ Jasmine Seabrook-Benson, Fringefeed 

 “Exceptional quality, with what can only be described as a remarkable acting performance by Hawkins.” Emma Caldwell, Weekendnotes

Supported By

Special Thanks to Bundanon Trust