"Some blokes ate each other round here. Years back, convicts they reckon. But it's friendly here. Friendlier than other parts of Tassie's what I heard."


This is the story of three lost souls at the edge of Savage River – now just a dam, a mine and a ghost town in Tasmania’s north-west.

From a ramshackle hut by the water, Kingsley forages a living with his young son, Tiger. Times are tough and money in short supply, but with good-humour, invention and resilience they make the best of it, bundled together as family.

One night, Kingsley brings home a stranger, the beguiling Jude. Seemingly in trouble, disorientated and with a moral compass way out of whack, she unwittingly changes three lives overnight.

Jude soon settles into a routine that is far from her own. She seems happy enough to enjoy Tiger and Kingsley’s attention, and let history slip by. History does, though, have a habit of catching up with you.

A warm, affectionate and moving story of the glimpsing of freedom and the weight of the things that shackle us.

A co-production with Melbourne Theatre Company and Tasmanian Theatre Company

Cast & Creatives

Director Peter Evans
Designer Stephen Curtis
Lighting Designer
Daniel Zika
Sound Designer
Kelly Ryall
Composer Jed Kurzel
With Ian Bliss, Travis Cardona and Peta Sergeant


This solidly Australian story offers a temporary escape into a magical little world.’ Daily Telegraph