"There's a certain kind of man who would exploit this kind of situation, isn't there Clair?"


What price do you pay for a stake in the game? Where do you draw the line?
Young real estate agent Clair is selling a property in a booming market. The owners tell her they’d ‘like to behave honourably’ but all bets are off when an enigmatic buyer offers cash for the house – and something else altogether for Clair.
This production brings an early gem of the acclaimed Martin Crimp (Attempts on Her Life, The Treatment, The Country, The City) to the Australian stage for the first time. Crimp’s merciless satire peels back the layers of moral obfuscation in a fascinating and chilling expose of greed and desire.
“Full of great ideas, painfully accurate observation of human behaviour and a great many sweet-sour laughs. Recommended.” Diana Simmonds, Stage Noise

Production Notes

Director Cristabel Sved
Producer Joanna Fishman
Set/Costume Designer William Bobbie Stewart
Sound Designer and Composer Steve Toulmin
Lighting Designer Verity Hampson
Movement Consultant Johanna Puglisi
With Sarah Becker, Laura Brent, Boris Brkic, Josh McConville, Kelly Paterniti & Ed Wightman