World Premiere

Never Let Me Go chronicles the history of the AIDS epidemic in Sydney from the early ’80s as gay community groups mobilised to save lives and the Australian government fought religious dogma, moral crusaders and a fearful public to educate and quell a plague that could have ravaged many more.

Out of the fear and trauma, AIDS showed the world that gay men and women are human, with the same hopes, fears and capacity to love.

Set to a soaring ’80s soundtrack performed by an acapella choir, Never Let Me Go dramatises a tumultuous decade that saw the soldiers of AIDS fight fear with enlightenment and love.

This show contains strong language and adult themes.

Cast & Creatives

Writer and Producer Adriano Cappelletta
Director Johann Walraven
Musical Director Steven Kreamer
Assistant Director & Dramaturg Mikala Westall
Costume Designer Eva Di Paolo
With Adriano Cappelletta, Sam Marques, Diana Popovska, Daniel Ross, David Woodland, Luke Yager

Performance Times

Wednesday 8 May 7pm
Thursday 9 May 7pm
Friday 10 May 7pm
Saturday 11 May 7pm

Blog Posts

In Conversation: Adriano Cappelletta


Adriano Cappelletta is the writer, and one of the performers, of Never Let Me Go, playing for four nights as part of Batch Festival 2019. For this In Conversation piece, Adriano details the rich history of AIDS in Australia, which serves as the...

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