“Mick was a thick git with a minuscule prick but elephantitis of the bollocks what gave him a unique dancing style that strangely endeared me to him.”


Spend an evening with the greatest living myth – rock ‘n’ roll guitar legend, ‘Keef’ Richards – and his motley crew of demons, lovers and fellow music makers, as Keef navigates us through his philosophy on living and the search for the secret chord.

In this uncharted, unlawful, and unofficial tale, our working-class hero traverses the globe, masterminding bands, coups and crimes, to see how far this riff can take us all.

Hedonistic and hilariously absurd, this latest theatrical jam from playwright Benito Di Fonzo and Director Lucinda Gleeson stars Helpmann Award-winning Terry Serio, a fearless axe-wielder in his own right, as the guitar anti-hero.

Produced by Ocelot Productions

Cast & Creatives

Director Lucinda Gleeson
Dramaturg Erin Taylor
Set and Costume Designer Hugh O’Connor
Lighting Designer Sian James Holland
Sound Designer Katelyn Shaw
Stage Manager Cara Woods
Assistant Stage Manager Karina McKenzie
Producers: Fiona Boidi, Cat Dibley and Lucinda Gleeson.
With Branden Christine, Abe Mitchell, Lenore Munro, Terry Serio, Dorje Swallow

Performance Times

Performance Date
Previews 25 – 26 November
Season 28 November – 12 December

Performance Times
Monday – Saturday 7pm
Saturday 12 December 2pm and 7pm



Trailer, A Riff on Keef: the Human Myth


“Terry Serio delivers an impressively sustained performance as Richards.’’ The Sydney Morning Herald

“…an unforgettable evening full of masterminding bands, coups and crimes as the audience takes an uncharted and unofficial journey through Keef’s philosophy on life and his search for the secret chord in a hilariously absurd way.” Alt Media

“The collaboration between writer and director is a winning one, working on the same page to create the alchemy to stageGleeson picks up on the riff motif and phrases the piece with an improv feel, with a pace that’s tight but relaxed.” Australian Stage

“There is at once a twinkling mischief and laconic world weariness about Richards that’s captured by Serio which explains the man’s charm and charisma.” Stage Noise

“Abe Mitchell evokes the Jagger jut and strut and does a wicked Nick Cave to boot.  A double hoot.” Sydney Arts Guide

“The performers fill the room with sheer electricity every time they pick up an instrument, leaving you craving more at the close of each song.” Upstaged Reviews

“The cast are talented in abundance, convincing you of their aptitude as rock stars in every sense.” Upstaged Reviews

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