“It’s probably one of the most ambitious things in theatre I’ve heard of, for a long while. I feel honoured that they’re going out doing the Trilogy.” Louis Nowra

Since 2015 we have aligned a group of generous donors, affectionately known as our Productions Partners, with works that are risky and challenging, and therefore require more to realise their full potential. This support ranges from specialised skills to join the creative team, to large casts, additional dramaturgy support and anything the work may require to make sure it lands on stage in the way it is intended to. It takes courage to support new work; productions that are untried and untested, raw and unflinching, big and bold.

To celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Production Partner Program and Griffin’s final production in the SBW Stables, we invite our Production Partners to support not one, but three plays and one ambitious vision for The Lewis Trilogy by Louis Nowra! Become a part of this historic moment in Australian theatre history and join our group of theatre-loving visionaries from the top of the rehearsal period through to Opening Night (and beyond). 

Become a Production Partner

Production Partners are invited to make a tax-deductible gift of $10,000 or more. To thank you for your support, you’ll be acknowledged in our programs, foyer screens and website, be kept up to date with tailored communications and will have the opportunity to attend a number of supporter events aligned with The Lewis Trilogy.

To make your donation or to discuss the program further, please contact Head of Development Jake Shavikin on (02) 8960 7799 or [email protected].

Previous Production Partner Shows

The support of our Production Partner program allows Griffin to expand our repertoire with phenomenal and challenging works that ignite conversations nationally and internationally. Previous Griffin productions that have been supported by Productions Partners include:

  • Jailbaby by Suzie Miller
  • Whitefella Yella Tree by Dylan Van Den Berg
  • Dogged by Andrea James & Catherine Ryan
  • City of Gold by Meyne Wyatt and Prima Facie by Suzie Miller 
  • Kill Climate Deniers by David Finnigan 
  • The Homosexuals, or “Faggots” by Declan Greene
  • Ladies Day by Alana Valentine
  • The Bleeding Tree by Angus Cerini
Production Partner Testimonials

Original Production Partner donor Gil Appleton says of her experience supporting Angus Cerinis The Bleeding Tree in 2015:

It took just one reading to convince me to support The Bleeding Tree. My decision was totally justified. It was great getting to know all the creatives and watching rehearsals as the production evolved. It was theatre-making from a new perspective (for me), and seeing the brilliant final result on several occasions—including first and last performances—made me very proud to have been involved with this thrilling, confronting, beautiful play.

Read more about Gil’s experience as a superstar supporter of Griffin here.

Thank You

We are so grateful for the generosity of our Production Partners:

Production Partners 2023
Jailbaby by Suzie Miller

Lisa Barker & Don Russell
Darin Cooper Foundation
Robert Dick & Erin Shiel
Rachel Doyle
Danny Gilbert AM & Kathleen Gilbert
Rosemary Hannah & Lynette Preston
Richard McHugh & Kate Morgan
Bruce Meagher & Greg Waters
Julia Pincus & Ian Learmonth
Andrew Post & Sue Quill
Penelope Wass

Production Partners 2024
The Lewis Trilogy by Louis Nowra

Darin Cooper Foundation
Robert Dick & Erin Shiel
Rosemary Hannah & Lynette Preston
Richard McHugh & Kate Morgan
Bruce Meagher & Greg Waters
Julia Pincus & Ian Learmonth
Seaborn, Broughton & Walford Foundation