Taking action on environmental sustainability.

Griffin is passionate about environmental sustainability. From programming challenging works on the topic (Between Two Waves, Kill Climate Deniers, The Turquoise Elephant) through to activism and company practices, we’re all about being green. And we’re always looking for new ways to reduce waste, consumption and achieve our goal of becoming carbon neutral.

But, we’ve never formalised our commitment to climate action… until now.

Griffin’s Sustainability Action Plan marks the beginning of the company’s formal commitment to environmental sustainability.

It will serve as the benchmark of how we live up to our values of being bold, ambitious, forward-thinking and inspirational.

We want to honour the legacy of the artists, workers and creatives that have worked here. Just like past custodians of the Stables, the things we do here on a small scale have the capacity to impact Australia on a large one.

Our Aims

  • To better reflect the values of our staff, audiences and the wider community
  • To take responsibility for our impact on the planet by becoming a carbon neutral organisation
  • To ensure current sustainable practices continue in the future
  • To make financial savings through implementing sustainable practices
  • To mirror Griffin’s value of championing social change through theatre

If you’d like to know more, have a read of the ‘Green Griffin’ Sustainability Action Plan overview.

If you want to get involved by volunteering, have a great idea, or want to support Green Griffin, please email [email protected] or call (02) 9332 1052.

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Ways to Be Green at Home

Looking for ways to make more sustainable choices in your own home? Have a read of our handy starter guide for easy changes you can make to take agency of greening your home environment!