Sisters Grimm serve up some Internet


Hello there. We’re Sisters Grimm. And we’re just like you.

Just like you, we find it hard to balance work and life!

Just like you, we barely know half the ‘friends’ on our Facebook!

Just like you, we drink a few more lattes than we’d care to admit! (Shhhh!!!!)

And just like you, we are creating a drag queen Civil War Melodrama inspired by Gone with the Wind, Jezebel and the theatre of Tennessee Williams that is being staged at Griffin Theatre as part of their independent season of work from November 20th to December 14th with performances Monday through Saturday at 7pm with a single matinee on the final Saturday which is the 14th of December at 2pm with tickets ranged between $28 and $35 plus booking fee of $2.50 for online bookings and $4 for phone which we think is a bit steep but hey that’s the world we live in, right?

To give you a glimpse backstage into the mess we’re creating, we’ve cooked up a batch of good ol’ fashioned Internet, with some clips that have inspired us over the last few months. From the sweeping cotton fields of Confederate Georgia to modern-day Southern belle Eden Wood, this is a steaming heap of redneck charm – we hope you enjoy.

See y’all at Griffin in the Summertime. 

God bless. XXXXX


We all agree that the worst thing about Gone With The Wind is all the pesky talking they do. Thank you, then, to YouTube user MellyWilkes, who in 2008 created the definitive “redux” version of this classic film – replacing all that yap-yap-yapping with the soothing poetry of 90s supergroup Aqua. She also manages to trim 2.58 hours of useless fat off the film’s running time – did you even notice?! We didn’t!!!


Our favourite Southern Belle, after Scarlett O’Hara, is the equally iconic 8-year-old glamazon Eden Wood. Here she is on US morning show The Talk – singing her hit #1 single “Cutie Patootie” (available on iTunes) – while her wonderful, selfless mother Mickie Wood watches on. Just look at those mean, elderly hags in the background – choking on their JEALOUSY! YOU WILL NEVER BE EDEN!!!


Before Gone with the Wind and Jezebel, there was D.W. Griffith’s wonderful and historically accurate Civil War epic Birth of a Nation (1915). In this climactic scene, the heroic Ku Klux Klan arrive just in the nick of time – saving a powerless Confederate family from the evil, liberated African-American men and women who have taken over the South. Griffith was surprised when his film was decried as a piece of demented, racist propaganda – and frankly we are too.


When Vivian Leigh beat Bette Davis to the role of Scarlett O’Hara, Mzzz Davis didn’t get mad – she got EVEN, by starring in Warner Brothers’ Gone with the Wind rip-off Jezebel. She even beat Leigh to the Oscar, winning for her faux-“Scarlet” in 1939, when Gone with the Wind had only just been released. God bless you, noble lunatic! (And secretly, we like Davis’ better)


Stephanie Mueller shows us all how it’s done – setting the stage ablaze with her electrifying portrayal of the one and only MAGGIE THE CAT. Is there any wonder this has had over FOURTEEN VIEWS?!?!?!?! If for some reason you don’t have 8 minutes of your life spare, just watch from 6:42 – when Stephanie makes the bold choice to deliver this scene STANDING.

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