International Women's Day: Griffin Girls


Karen Rodgers
General Manager
Often in the Arts a microscope is held up to the number of women engaged as Directors, Writers, Designers etc. At Griffin we strive to ensure that women and their stories are represented equally on our stage. Behind the scenes we more than achieve this with a female AD, GM and over 60% of our Board and Staff all being  women. Women who I am thrilled to work with every day as we strive to create a culture that is dynamic, engaging and ultimately fulfilling. All of the women on the Griffin Board are highly successful in their given fields. They inspire and encourage me to investigate a management approach that allows women to be successful in their career choices without losing life priorities. As the mother of 2 young women I  am optimistic that the Australia they are growing up in is a world where they will never question their place and identity within it.  Their confidence grows as they are inspired by the many strong female role models around them allowing them to set a clear agenda for their voice to be heard, however they end up telling their stories.  

Kylie Richards
Finance Manager
It is International Women’s Day – a time to celebrate and rejoice in the beauty of women and all they are striving to achieve in this crazy world. Together let’s empower women and girls everywhere to reach their full potential to be change makers and leaders in the theatre world and beyond. And to the men who walk beside us and support us every day – thank you – let’s make gender parity happen in 2016.

Nicola James
Stables Front of House Supervisor / Producer Golden Jam Productions
As a female theatre maker I am more and more aware of the role I play in telling women’s stories – real, complex and engaging stories. I am lucky in that one of my main collaborators is one of my best female friends and with her I have created some fantastic work and our next piece is powerful female two-hander.

I am extremely excited about some of the strong female talent in Sydney working hard to bring the female voice to the forefront of our art and continue to push for parity and equality.