Griffin Ambassadors on Ladies Day


Griffin Ambassadors is a launch pad for the next generation of cultural leaders. Running since 2004, this access-all-areas program is for theatre lovers in year 10 to 12 at highschool. We invited our Ambassadors to review our first Main Season production Ladies Day, here are two responses:

Samuel Wilson
Year 12
Ladies day, by Alana Valentine, was truly an outstanding piece of Australian theatre. Provocative and addictive. As a young theatre goer this was unlike anything I had ever seen. Very smart. This loose verbatim style of theatre is great because it effectively told an imperatively important story, but also was able to take the audience on a full dramatic journey. The integration of the live singing was a superb addition to the play. There is something quite intimate about the space at the stables theatre. There is nowhere for the actors (and audience) to hide and we, as an audience can see and hear everything that the actors do. This added to the overall experience for me because of the skill with which they held themselves. It was a smart and engaging piece of theatre with an intriguing storyline that was expertly told. It was awesome to see it with a group of like-minded young people interested in theatre. An excellent show.

Jade Morellini
Year 12
The beautiful yet highly provoking Ladies Day, written by one of Australia’s most talented verbatim playwrights Alana Valentine was a highly confronting performance with an important message beneath the surface. After conducting a large number of interviews, Valentine presented various opinions on the social issues surrounding homosexuals, displaying the horrific traumas and passions experienced by those who are voiceless in society. Personally, I absolutely loved the performance. The actors embodied their characters excepionally, I could tell they really understood and connected with the emotions and roles of their characters throughout the entire performance. Space was utilised really well where the setting was made clear, and the minimal use of props allowed emphasis to be placed on the unfolding plot. As an audience member, I felt really confronted with the harsh reality it presented, especially through the tension created between the characters. However, this is what provided me a greater sense of awareness and I think that the message of this performance is one which needs to be noticed as it is giving a voice to those who are muffled in society. Therefore, it was a very professionally made performance which I would definitely recommend.

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