Forum: Changing the Social Climate


Once we move beyond the polarising arguments about the existence of climate change, how do we bridge the gap between knowing and doing? What is the tipping point between social acceptance and social investment?  In a fascinating forum co-presented by Purves Environmental Fund and Griffin Theatre Company, a range of diverse speakers discuss the mainstreaming of climate change – the barriers and motivations that lead to broad-scale acceptance and action.

The forum will take place after the 2.00 pm matinee of Between Two Waves.

When: 4.15 – 5.15pm, Saturday, 27 October
Where: SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross
How much? FREE – however tickets are limited so book online here

Facilitator – Sam Strong 

Artistic Director of Griffin Theatre Company and director of Between Two Waves.


Kirsty Albion – Co-Director, Australian Youth Climate Coalition (AYCC)

AYCC is a coalition of youth organisations in Australia united by a common thread – their vision of a safe climate future. It believes that climate change is the single greatest threat facing humanity, and that young people – as the inheritors of the planet – are the key stakeholder in humanity’s response to climate crisis. AYCC’s mission is to build a generation-wide movement to solve the climate crisis by inspiring, empowering and mobilising young Australians to take action on climate change.  As of end August 2012, near 85,000 youth nationwide has joined AYCC.

Natalie Isaacs – Founder, 1 Million Women (1MW)

1MW is a national campaign of women and girls getting on with climate action. Launched in 2009, 1MW’s founding goal is to engage one million female Australians to collectively cut 1 million tonnes of CO2 pollution. It inspires women to get on with climate action, cut pollution from the daily lives, live more sustainably and be a powerful voice for change. Every woman who joins has a personal goal to cut 1 tonne of CO2 from their daily lives within a year of joining the campaign – as of end August 2012, about 76,000 women and girls have joined the campaign.

John Connor – CEO, The Climate Institute

The Climate Institute was established in 2005, inspired by a clear understanding that the climate change challenge demands a whole-of-society response. They recognised the urgency and the scale of action required. They came to realise that, while important, individual actions were not enough in themselves to address climate change. To move Australia forward to a more sustainable future position, there was an obvious need for collective action across all sectors of society and all nations.

An independent research organisation, their vision is for a resilient Australia, prospering in a zero-carbon global economy, participating fully and fairly in international climate change solutions.

Ian Meadows – Writer and Performer, Between Two Waves

Ian is an AFI award nominated actor and writer having graduated from WAAPA in 2005. Of his play Between Two Waves he says:

‘The play is not about whether or not climate change is happening. The vast majority of science says it is happening. Three recent studies say over 97% of peer-reviewed articles state “human activity is a significant contributing factor in changing mean global temperature.” The play is much more interested in how we approach the future when we know damage has been done, how we deal with the mistakes that led to it, and how we live in the present in the meantime.’

Find out more about Between Two Waves here.