FAQs: Blaque Showgirls Postponement


Due to a combination of scheduling conflicts and important life changes for the show’s creative team, Griffin will no longer be presenting Blaque Showgirls as originally planned during 2022.

Instead, we are excited to announce that Blaque Showgirls will feature as the big, chintzy jewel in Griffin’s 2023 Season!

Please find some answers to a number of FAQs regarding the season update below—and feel free to reach out to the Griffin Box Office if you’ve got further questions!

Why are you postponing Blaque Showgirls?

Griffin has made the decision to move Blaque Showgirls into our 2023 Season because of a scheduling conflict (director Shari Sebbens has an exciting new acting gig that’s going to be announced very soon) and some big life news (playwright Nakkiah Lui has just had a baby!). It wasn’t an easy call to make, but we wanted to do right by everyone involved and make sure that when Blaque Showgirls does hit the stage, everyone is in a position to make the show the best it can be.

I purchased tickets to the 2022 season of Blaque Showgirls. What’s happening to my tickets?

We’ve automatically moved all tickets from the 2022 season of Blaque Showgirls into a new performance within the 2023 season—the same day of the week as your original tickets. As a ticket holder, you will have received an email from the Griffin Box Office notifying you of the new date of your Blaque Showgirls performance for 2023—and if you’d like to choose an alternate performance date, you can get in touch with our Box Office to organise this, and if you’d prefer a credit or refund for your tickets, we can help with that too.

What happens to my Blaque Showgirls tickets if I choose to subscribe to Griffin in 2023?

If you’re subscribing to our 2023 Season, you’ve already bought a ticket to Blaque Showgirls! When the time comes to subscribe, you’ll be able to build your package as normal, minus the cost of your Blaque Showgirls ticket(s). As you know with Griffin subscriptions, the more plays you include in your subscription, the bigger the discount you receive, so your Blaque Showgirls ticket is helping you save for a year of fabulous theatre!

Can I buy extra tickets to the 2023 season of Blaque Showgirls now?

Our 2023 season of Blaque Showgirls isn’t technically on sale yet—you’ve received an exciting sneak peek! When the whole of Griffin’s 2023 Season launches in September, you’ll be able to purchase additional tickets to Blaque Showgirls as part of a subscription if you’ve got additional Subscriber Companions or Mates who’d like to join on your new performance date. Otherwise, single tickets will go on sale for the show in mid-2023.

Can I exchange my Blaque Showgirls tickets for a different show in Griffin’s 2022 Season instead?

Absolutely! We have some incredible shows lined up to round out the year—Dylan Van Den Berg‘s Whitefella Yella Tree, Ash FlandersEnd Of., or our Griffin Lookout show, Mother May We by Mel Ree. You’re very welcome to trade in your Blaque Showgirls tickets to any of these shows instead to get a good 2022 theatre fix! Simply call the Griffin Box Office to exchange your tickets. Plus, there’s always the opportunity to purchase more tickets for next year’s season of Blaque Showgirls if you need a little more time to organise your calendar.

Is anything going to happen at Griffin at the end of 2022 instead?

It’s been a very big year, and in addition to dealing with flow-on effects from the pandemic, Griffin is in the midst of some huge and exciting new changes for our tiny little theatre. You may have heard the exciting news that the NSW Government has awarded Griffin with $5 million in funding to undertake a major redevelopment of the SBW Stables Theatre (!). Having a serendipitous pause at the end of 2022 is going to give everyone at Griffin a chance to catch their breath, do a bit of housekeeping in preparation for our redevelopment, and get ready for an even bigger celebration of Australian stories in 2023!