We’re thrilled to announce our 2013 Season – Sam Strong’s third and final season as Artistic Director of Griffin.

Griffin has always been the place to wrestle with topical and timeless themes, and this year is no exception. Our 2013 Main Season engages with how little we sometimes know those closest to us (Dreams in White), the intersection of classical mythology and contemporary life (The Bull, the Moon and the Coronet of Stars), the nature of dependence (Beached), and the lingering spectre of post-traumatic stress disorder (The Floating World).   But if there are continuities and through-lines, 2013 is – as we always like it to be – a carefully structured series of distinct experiences. Indeed, in genre terms, the 2013 Main Season is a perfectly proportioned portfolio – a thriller, a rom-com, a satire and a classic period piece.  

Speaking of mixed bags, you couldn’t get more richly varied than our (for the first time) all Australian 2013 Independent Season. We have: a theatricalisation of masculinity via an adaptation of short stories (Rust and Bone); an excavation of contemporary loneliness via a magic trick (Girl in Tan Boots); an immersion into teenage intensity via poetry (This is Where We Live); a NSW coastal town via outer space (Return to Earth); and Tennessee Williams via Christmas panto drag (Summertime in the Garden of Eden).  

We look forward to welcoming you to the Stables in 2013.

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