A Note from Poppy, 11 February


Dear Grif-friend,

So, we have somehow made it to February, and if you are like me, you are starting to wonder where all that free time and relaxing you planned disappeared to? Have I been spending too much time trying to perfect the art of homemade puff pastry and naming my house plants? Yes. 

Anyway, my name is Poppy and I’m one member of the fantastic Front of House team here at Griffin Theatre Company. You may have met me behind The Penny Cook Bar serving our iconic Four Pillars G&Ts, or maybe you have received an email (or two) from me over the past year about all your ticketing enquiries. When I’m not behind the bar or in the Box Office, I’m probably working away in Griffin’s archives or podcast transcripts, learning all that I can about the history of our beloved SBW Stables Theatre. Recently, however, you probably know me as part of the friendly, socially-distanced welcome wagon while Griffin’s shows were being run at the Seymour Centre. But now I am super excited to see all our lovely patrons back home for Griffin’s 2021 Season!!  

It is such an exciting time here at Griffin, especially for the Front of House staff who are deep into our second week of shows for Green Park. As you might know, our first Main Season show is being held in Green Park, located in Darlinghurst, just a short walk down from our home at the SBW Stables Theatre. While it’s slightly disorientating being outside, it’s been so much fun to experience the uniqueness of the show being played out in the location it was written specifically for. And clearly audiences think so too, with 4 and 4.5 star reviews all round!!! Watching pedestrians walk through the “stage” with no clue why 35 people are staring at them with headsets on is definitely one of my personal highlights! To help audiences navigate around their al fresco seating arrangements, we have a new uniform, making us very hard to miss in our bright orange Griffin high vis vests. Some of these vests may even be in the process of being bedazzled. I’m yet to figure out how to bedazzle mine. Hopefully, I can iron something on? Keep an eye out if you are coming to Green Park, you will be able to check out the fruits of my labour (or if my vest melted due to a poor attempt of bedazzling!).

In other exciting news, if you are an artist or theatremaker, we just launched our first month of our Artist Membership programIt only costs five dollars  a month, which is a bargain in my eyes, for such unique access into the inner workings of Griffin’s artists and creative teams. Also, in Box Office news, single tickets for Jali and Is There Something Wrong With That Lady? are on sale and selling quick. If Green Park has shown us anything, it’s that booking in advance is crucial! Even better than that though, you can snag the Three Pack (Special Events & Griffin Lookout) deal which is the cheapest and easiest way to see all three special events for the great price of $99. Another bargain if you ask me!

Anyway, I think I have rambled on for long enough and should probably get back to making the icing for my Hummingbird Cake (it’s Jamie Oliver and I highly recommend). The Front of House team and the occasional cockatoo/fruit bat can’t wait to see some of you for Green Park soon!

Carpe diem,

Poppy Tidswell
Front of House