A Note from Phil, 22 October


Dear Grif-friends,

This week I have been enjoying seeing my fellow Sydneysiders really getting to grips with life as we now know it.

I was impressed (and slightly mortified) by the gusto of the woman sat out the front of Kings Cross station who had snipped a handy little hole in her face mask so she could still smoke her cigarette through it. Take that Covid!

The Sydney band, Magnetic Heads, dropped a new tune The Street with a beautiful video clip. To me this clip is a gentle reminder of what sorts of kindness we might try to cling to in the mess of post lockdown life (plus it has strong David Byrne vibes, which is always good).

I was lucky enough to head out on Friday night and nab a seat over at Brand X, to see performance maker Harriet Gilles (of Griffin Lock-In fame) perform The Power of the Holy Spirit, an intoxicating wormhole of self-discovery and dubious pet ownership.

Over the weekend, I spent a truly insane amount of time on Zoom as part of an artist residency program run by our pals at Merrigong Theatre Company and Performing Lines. Like you, I despise Zoom with a passion, but this weekend really was fantastic, and it reminded me that even in the crevices of isolated conference calls, artists are still cooking up hopeful and exciting ways to nourish us all. We’re going to need that.

To those of you who have joined us back at the theatre for Superheroesthank you. We have a handful of tickets left for the show at the Seymour Centre, so book up, or miss out. Back at SBW Stables HQ, we’ve been given a green-light to get some fancy (and very appreciated) renovations done thanks to the SBW Foundation, stay tuned for more details soon…

We have also welcomed the Wicked Sisters team, crammed more 50 Year celebration activity into the year and have a very weird office cat.

Be kind to each other. Wear a mask on the train (and in our theatre).


Phil Spencer
Artistic Associate