A Note from Lee, 27 September


Sun is shining. Sky is blue. 13 weeks till Christmas.

Griffin to do list:

  1. Close The Misanthrope tomorrow night at the Opera House. What a great time we have had working with the gorgeous Justin Fleming and the extraordinary team at Bell Shakespeare. Looking forward to more collaboration in the future, especially when they get their new space on Pier 2/3.
  2. Preview Nick Coyle‘s The Feather in the Web next week. Cross all your fingers and toes.
  3. Get ready for The Smallest Hour. It’s been a BIG month for the two writer-performers (Susie Youssef is killing it in STC’s Accidental Death of An Anarchist, and Phil Spencer and partner have welcomed a new baby into the Grif-family) and the time is soon approaching to see this beautiful love letter to Sydney. The love letter you wish you hadn’t mailed…to your ex…when you were drunk.
  4. Give all our Griffin love to Lillian and Sacha Horler who lost their beloved Ken last week. Farewelling theatre legends is a deeply sad and yet wonderfully celebratory experience. He built so much for this country.
  5. Tell everyone to subscribe to Griffin in 2019. Have I mentioned what a great Christmas present a subscription is? Because I will be reminding you another six times before Christmas.
  6. Look forward to the Sydney Festival launch. Go Wesley! Go you good thing go!
  7. Go back to the gym.
  8. Send love to all our Year 12 Ambassadors who are all getting ready for their final exams.

Enjoy the long weekend!